The Different Types of Intellectual Property Infringements and How Kamil Idris is Fighting Them

One thing that a lot of people enjoy are products that have actually been stolen. One example is in the film industry. A lot of movies that are released tend to have copies made illegally. Theatrically released movies for one thing tend to be recorded with the use of a camera. Often times, these movies tend to be uploaded to the internet. While people do get to enjoy scenes of movies they have not seen yet or have seen and enjoyed, the truth is that this is piracy and it is illegal. Therefore, the creators of the pirated project suffer a little bit.


Another type of intellectual property theft is the stealing of copyrighted ideas. Often times, people will either take a video that has already been uploaded and then upload it on his channel. It becomes a problem when the person monetizes the video. At the same time, he takes views from the original artist of the video. However, social media video sharing sites are starting to crack down on some of these videos. Fortunately, Kamil Idris is making efforts towards getting the officials to take these violations seriously. One thing that is very frustrating is for people to put a lot of time and effort on a project only to have someone steal it.

Fortunately, when it comes to piracy, all that is going to be available in most cases is a low quality version of a movie. People who go to the movie theaters do not just go to see a movie. They also go to see it on a large screen with a great sound system. However, Kamil Idris knows that even a lower quality version of the film is piracy and is a bad thing because it takes a lot away from the intended effect of the film.