Can OSI Industries Sustain Its Success

Do you know anything about the wholesale food industry? Are you aware that OSI Industries is one of the biggest players in this specific field? If you haven’t heard about this company, then you’re not alone. OSI Industries’ name says it all. This is a mega-company that extends its reach into 65 different countries. Some of the countries included are Japan, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and India. The company has also been in existence since 1909, and it’s still going strong as of today. Much of OSI’s success has come from acquiring stake in other businesses. By doing so, this company has been able to get a firm grip on the competition. In some cases, OSI Industries has taken over control of a business while retaining many of the business’ employees.

In most circumstances, a company’s leadership is one of the most important factors to gaining success. OSI Industries has top-tier leadership at every level of the game. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin are the key figures here. These two individuals have definitely put in tremendous amounts of work throughout the years. McDonald is OSI’s president, and Lavin is OSI’s chief executive officer. Both individuals are highly qualified because they have been well-trained. McDonald started out at OSI as a project manager, and he has put in 30 years of experience. The Iowa-native has earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, and he has been presented with the Outstanding Senior Award thanks to his high standards and achievements. Lavin has earned a bachelor’s degree in Business, and he has founded a successful financial consulting firm in the city of Chicago. To know more OSI click here.

Thanks to being able to perform the daily tasks of processing, shipping, managing and developing, OSI Industries will surely be around for another 100 years. The company will also modernize its business plan to meet the ever-growing demands of the public, and that’s a guaranteed fact.