Gareth Henry Takes Private Credit Services to the Next Level

Gareth Henry has established a place for himself in the private credit sector as a valuable resource having headed global investor relations department of various prominent companies. He has built a successful career in the sector and the actuarial education background served him well. It empowered him to handle and understand the complicated math associated with these investments. He is a bachelor of science in actuarial mathematics graduate from the University of Edinburgh.

The renowned investor relations expert was able raise funds for offerings in the private credit sector. served at Fortress Investment Group as head of international Investor relations. While serving in that position, he developed and implemented sales strategy to help both institutional and fixed income product lines for Fortress Investment Group’s lines of business. He was later promoted to become Global Head of Investor Relations of Fortress Liquid Markets.

Gareth Henry worked as a Director of Strategic Solutions at London-based Schroders. He also held an Investment Manager position at SEI Investments. Mr. Henry also served as an analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP. He combined his extensive skills with a “math geek” precision and hard work to build valuable relationships in an effort to develop valuable connections at sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance companies as well as other capital sources.

Speaking about what inspired him to start his firm, Gareth Henry said that he liked the way mathematics and finance merged in many ways and he developed passion for the field when he understood economics and risk management well. His investment know-how and interpersonal skills helped him to give his colleagues and clients investment advice what a mathematician can rarely do. That gave him a cutting-edge advantage in the ever-growing sector.

Gareth Henry finds it necessary to understand a client’s needs for him serve them and the organization he is helping grow well. He always keeps in-touch with his clients through phone calls and one-on-one meetings. He has positioned himself and his firm as a resource to raise funds for offerings. He is always updated on the emerging trends in the industry. His services and that of his firm will increase relevance as more firms as well as invests increase their trust on private credit investments.

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