Steve Ritchie’s Smart Strategies to Uplift Papa John’s Pizza

After a sudden fall of the Papa John’s Pizza Company (, Steve Ritchie was appointed the new CEO. The move was aimed at looking for ways to help the struggling firm to regain its lost glory. Steve Ritchie made it clear to their customers that the act of racism and use of discriminative language will not be given room in their company.

The firm has 120,000 staff members from all over the world. The members work hard to give customers better services. Besides, the workers strive to produce the best pizza tailored to customer’s expectation to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Steve Ritchie in his apology letter made it clear that for them to meet their long-term objectives, then they should acquire knowledgeable auditors from outside the firm to audit their culture and how they have diversified their staffs and the different roles they play. This would enable the firm to identify its strengths and weaknesses to set clear goals and how they will deal with their weak points.

In his letter, Steve Ritchie also promised that the management department would lend an ear to claims of customers and employees. He said that for them to move a step ahead, listening to views of their employees should be taken into consideration and giving them positive feedback in time. Besides, he gave an assurance to the customers that their company will be transparent and if anything happens, then they will be held accountable.

In a letter he directed to customers, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns explained how his team members were humbled to have an opportunity to serve their clients. He also asked them to continue giving them a chance to extend their services. The CEO discussed that the latest letter shed more light since the first one had left out two key ingredients such as the sense of compassion and a point of apology.

To regain that trust from customers, Steve Ritchie promised to work hard. However, he knew an uphill task awaits him.

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