Shafik Sachedina Philanthropy Is Changing Lives

Shafik Sachedina realized that he had a calling to help humanity many years ago. The philanthropist was born in the capital city of Tanzania more than six decades ago. His father and mother taught him great values since childhood, and this is what has made him a great investor and doctor in the tough times. His family moved and settled in London more than fifty years ago. The businessman thought that the best career for him would be a dental surgeon, and he enrolled in a leading university so that he could become a renowned surgeon in the United Kingdom. After his graduation, Sachedina was hired to work in several medical facilities in the country, and he has also made a great impact in many patients, especially those who need dental surgeries.

Shafik Sachedina is not only a dental surgeon. The businessman is the head of the most popular and respected groups in the world, known as the Ismaili community. The Ismaili Community has managed to transform many lives and also earn many awards because of what it has done in the lives of many people. As a leader of the organization, Shafik Sachedina has played a primary role to ensure that the people in the community follow the correct procedures when giving their support to the needy. Sachedina is always very committed when given any top responsibility in an organization, and he has assisted many boards to stand on their feet and accomplish their mission.


Not long ago, Shafik Sachedina became popular for being a medic with a reason. After working in the profession for a very long time, the businessman discovered that seniors in the United Kingdom, especially those who had been diagnosed with mental disorders were not getting good treatment. Although there were many doctors in the industry, very few had the idea of starting a company that would offer this group the reliable services they needed. Sachedina founded a medical facility that specializes in mental patients and seniors several years ago, and his greatest goal was to assist these people live great lives.

Several years ago after Sussex Health Care was founded, Shafik Sachedina is a happy man. The medical facility has grown significantly, and it is changing many lives with the great services it is giving senior people with mental challenges. The company currently runs twenty homes in the United Kingdom. The professionals working under Sachedina have been giving these groups of people the care they deserve.

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