Securus Technologies Receives Accreditation From The Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is a large communications company that serves correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement. It currently provides service to over 1.2 million inmates and 3,800 different institutional entities.


Services provided include phone service via Apple and Android technology through smartphones, tablets and regular landlines. The comfort that inmates and their families receive from having ready communications availability is a vital factor in the morale and discipline statistics of the federal prison systems involved.


When inmates can communicate with family members on a regular basis, not only does it make things easier for them when they can find out news from home, it helps discipline from within the correctional institutions themselves.


Recently Securus has joined and become accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Not all businesses can attain that status as a rigorous application procedure is necessary before accreditation can occur. First, a business has to meet the standards prescribed by the Better Business Bureau; then an application may be submitted. Once the application is received by the BBB, the decision is made to either accept or reject the applicant.


Securus has been accepted and accredited by the Better Business Bureau and this gives Securus a standing in the community of enhancement and that of a stable and desirable business in the eyes of the Better Business Bureau. It gives the customers of Securus an independent advocate in case there is any problem or issue with Securus from the standpoint of the inmates or their families.


If there is a problem, then the alleged wronged party can file a formal complaint with the BBB and receive the correction of the problem. If a problem is not rectified, it is noted by the BBB, and the reputation of Securus would be downgraded publically.