Rodrigo Terpins and The Drive and Sacrifice He Has Just To Achieve His Racing Dreams

We go extra miles just to improve. To conquer the unchartered, to break barriers and to explore undiscovered paths. When we want to grow in areas that don’t get enough attention from us, we risk, sacrifice and leverage our available time to give it our extreme level of attention. This is the kind of attitude of winners, of conquerors, explorers, of the great fighters and warriors in the history. In the present time, we also have people like Terpins whose passion in racing has never seemed to be beaten.



The Race That Defines His Career



It is said by many experts that we are defined by the actions we take, and we are also sometimes blinded by the many things that we think are within us, but are not. In the case of Rodrigo Terpins and his race participation, we can indeed say that he’s blinded by the risks and threats to his life. He is blinded by the 2,600 kilometers of the race track that he had to go through to make sure that he gets to the finish line. He is blinded by the seven stages of the race that, around him, could define the fatality of his life or probably make him the ultimate champion. All of these issues are what can be found during the 22nd Edition of the most significant off-road race rally in Brazil today, the Sertoes Rally. Check out




Sertoes Rally has been marketed to be the best and most fulfilling race in Brazil today, but according to the adversities and the competitors in the game, the Sertoes Rally is more than just a competition. It seems to be one of the greatest challenges to them that could test their limits, put them on the pedestal of victorious racers and give them the satisfaction that they deserve. In the case of Rodrigo Terpins, the results of the race was truly a definitive mark of his career as a racer. With his team, he seized the 8th position in the overall ranking, and with that victory, he is now set to achieve higher and more difficult races in the future.