Powerhouses Work Together

Titans in the business world do not always have to compete for growing markets or take one another down in feverish bids to keep a strong hold on the next bog thing. Sometimes, they can actually work together and create mutually beneficial bonds to not only ensure the continued growth of their respective empires but to also support and help each other grow. This growth and support is exactly the happens when Securus Technologies Inc., and JPay join forces to be something better than either one company could be on its own.


Both of these leaders in the field of service to the DOC (Department of Corrections) are independent and indispensable to the facilities they work for. And, the details as to why their matching each other is a good deal reveal all. It all comes down to cutting-edge technology, which yields a platform that handles everything from education to digital payments, with services like and entertainment in between them. The stock purchase agreement between Securus and JPay means that the daily operations for 33 prisons in different states run more smoothly and safely for everyone involved.


Rick Smith, CEO for Securus, knows a good deal and a worthy partner when he sees one, so making the choice to collaborate with one of the best business out there makes him proud. He has admired Jpay for years, due to its innovation in service and work product. Moreover, this collective effort is not just about doing good business. It is about lowering the rate at which inmates revisit the DOC, as the products and services of this collaboration ultimately helps inmates readjust to their lives outside of the prison system. Ryan Shapiro, CEO for JPay, is equally excited about the collective effort of these companies, because it gives his people the power to get more done in a work day.