Jeunesse Innovation

Cosmetic Products

Jeunesse is an innovative company in the cosmetics industry. Over the past few years, the company has developed various products that customers enjoy. Jeunesse has only been in business for a few years. Since the company was founded, it has focused on providing quality products at an affordable cost.

Customer Service

Most customers want to work with companies that value customer service. Jeunesse has a generous return policy that customers appreciate. A customer can return any product for a refund without being questioned. Although some customers take advantage of this policy, the leadership team at Jeunesse wants all customers to be satisfied.

Direct Selling

Another way that Jeunesse helps customers is by offering a direct selling program. The direct selling program at Jeunesse has been an enormous success so far. Interested customers can pay a small fee to begin selling Jeunesse products to other customers.

This program is an excellent way for people to earn extra money each month. Some people do not realize all of the opportunities in the direct selling industry. Many sellers are making thousands of dollars each month. The people who sell the most products invest a lot of time and money into the venture.

Sustainable Practices

Some cosmetic products contain synthetic materials that are harmful to customers. Other companies use manufacturing practices that are detrimental to the environment.

Jeunesse is committed to making the world a better place. The company only uses sustainable manufacturing practices that are beneficial to the environment. The company also donates money to various charities. This commitment to helping others is why so many customers enjoy purchasing products from Jeunesse. The company has multiple growth plans for the future.

With high rates of growth expected, it is an excellent time to start selling Jeunesse products through the direct selling program.

Boraie Development The Most Reliable Real Estate Development

In turn of recent events Shaquille O’Neal has began building skyscrapers in Newark, NJ. The First one in over 40 years. All possible thanks to the help of Boraie Development and a few other corporations. The building is named “Shaq’s Tower”. The top-off ceremony including an appearance from Boraie Development and multiple other companies that helped with bringing that building to life. The total cost of the building is $79 million and will be leading to residents for whoever chooses to live there by September. NBA star Shaquille O’Neal plans on making the city beautiful again using this building and creating it with the help of Boraie Development.


What Is The Boraie Development LLC?


Boraie Development offers a variety of services including Real Estate Development, property management, and Real Estate Marketing for those in New Jersey. Their talents are shown by the work they have done with financial institutions, architects and contractors. They aspire to make the perfect homes to live in which is how they helped Shaq with the $79 million dollar skyscraper complex.


They have been in real estate business for decades and has always worked to make success in all of their business. They meet all their deadlines to secure the success of all their projects that are put into their hands.


What Does Boraie Do And What Are They Known For?


Boraie is a real estate development group. There 30 year record has made them a very reliable source in the state of New Jersey. NJ Biz says they are known for making their name known in more rough areas of New Jersey for the long run and not giving up are those places that are hard to work with. Their Vice-President is also very good at striking and closing the deals they need to continue the company growing strong and usually more times than not his choices are always the right ones to make. They use their knowledge of residential and commercial transactions to seamlessly keep themselves to the strongest point that they are at and because of this knowledge they have sold of $150 million in residential and commercial transactions. describes Boraie Development prides themselves in their commitment and solid work that they deliver every time a project passes their way. They have worked strongly for decades and plan to continue working for many more to complete even more projects on top of the one made recently with Shaquille O’Neal. Not only do they have those powerful achievements held behind them they also have many other power plays that will be used to continue their reputation and stability in the community.

Ramp Up Your Makeup Look With Lime Crime

Great beauty tips don’t have to be hard to implement.

Sometimes a beautiful makeup routine can be as simple as applying the right lipstick, covering any blemishes, and making those nails look pretty.

Lime Crime has products for each of these steps.

If you are looking to ramp up your makeup routine by going where you’ve never gone before, keep reading to learn what Lime Crime’s products can do for you.

Matte Lipstick

Lipstick can really bring attention to a woman’s lips, which are one of the most feminine parts of her body.

Choosing the right lipstick can make your lips appear even more feminine.

Matte lipstick is one of the best lipsticks you can apply to your lips because they enhance your lips’ natural beauty.

Matte lipstick basically contours your lips in that it brings out your natural lip lines.

Lime Crime’s matte lipsticks give your lips a smooth, velvet finish – perfect if you are planning to use your lips for a bit of kissing later on!

If you’ve never tried a matte lipstick but would like to, go ahead and try Lime Crime’s Apricot Nude.

If you like it, try more matte lipsticks from Lime Crime!


Nails have the potential to really help a girl feel feminine.

The great thing about beautifying your nails is the fact that there are so many different ways of doing it.

If you want to go to a nail salon and kick back while someone else fixes up your nails, you can do so.

Likewise, if you want to save a few bucks by buying press-on or glue-on nails and being your own nail technician, go for it!

Do what you need to do for your nails that will help you feel your most confident about them.


Foundation is literally the foundation of your makeup.

Before you apply your concealer, before you use highlighters, before you add a touch of blush to your cheeks, reach for your foundation.

Foundation will give your skin a clean slate and will completely hide any discoloration or blemishes that you may have.

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Ranked 557th wealthiest billionaire in the world with 1.8 billion dollar net worth is Randal Allan Nardone J.D. He is an Alumnus of The University of Connecticut having earned two Bachelor Degrees, first one in Biology and the second in English. Randal Nardone also graduated from Boston School of law, where he received his J. D and after that started his professional carrier at Thacher Proffitt and Wood. He worked in the legal department as a partner before delving into the financial service industry where he has set a standard.

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress investment group in 1998 and remains one of its principals together with Peter Biger and Wes Edens. He knew that starting a company would mean facing stiff competition but his expertise and familiarity with the financial field has seen the company blossom to what it is today.

Fortress investment group is highly diversified global investment manager with approximately 43.6 Billion worth of assets by December 2017. It manages assets on behalf of over 1750 institutional clients and investors all over the world. Randal Nardone was appointed to the Board of directors in 2006 and has been CEO since August 2013. He is board advisor to three other Boards which include Brookdale Senior Living, New Residential Investment Corp, and spring leaf holdings.

His role in Fortress investment group remains significant before and after the purchase of the firm by Softbank. He continues to deliver diligently, and the output can be seen in the firm’s success as a market leader. The takeover was set to establish growth opportunities for Fortress as they partner with one of the world’s most creative and well-connected technology investors. Even with this takeover, Softbank retained the culture, processes model and leadership of Fortress. A year later under Randal as co-principal, Fortress remains rooted.

Randal Nardone has also Co-founded a number of companies in the financial industry among them FIG LLC, Fortress Macro Advisors, Fortress credit Corporation and FM Falstaff Advisors among others. Randal has proven an excellent leader through all his career exploits. Employees are hard working, and cooperative at Fortress Investment Group unanimously attest to his excellent leadership skill and style. He believes in teamwork and has on several occasions encouraged his employees to build the team spirit and work as a unit. Randal Nardone now lives in New York and continues to spearhead dynamic change in the world of finance

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”: Sean Penn’s Views of Culture in the Country

Before publishing his bold new work, Sean Penn was a new author, among other titles he has previously held. His new book is called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“, and it’s content went completely viral when it reached his fans. The content embodies a variety of content topics from legitimate pop culture involving the #MeToo movement and President Donald Trump to stranger scientific content. Interestingly, the main character is a septic-tank salesman with a contract killer side job. He is after the U.S. government and fascinated by the horizons of dictators, assassinations and foreign prisons. Penn does this to reflect on vert strange times in his life.

Sean Penn creates an oddball Americana masterpiece that rarely lacks ambition in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. His science fiction connections interject towards a vision to create a legacy. In addition to being considered the finest actors of his generations, the author wanted to push his voice and experience the freedom that comes with it, with this debut novel. He was moved by the fact that he hadn’t written a novel sooner. He was excited and committed to take on the new journey. Additionally, he didn’t want his readers to mix up the fiction content with opinion based on the themes featured in his novel. He wants readers to avoid looking at the novel from one point of view. After all, the book takes on concepts that will leave their readers with open minds and a desire to reach out and learn new things related to politics and society.

He intends on holding this title again in the future, with or without getting published. He claims that the writing process was an extraordinary experience; one that is peaceful and an easy way to exercise your thoughts. Lastly, he believes that the right and significant fan reactions will make him feel accomplished.

The Different Types of Intellectual Property Infringements and How Kamil Idris is Fighting Them

One thing that a lot of people enjoy are products that have actually been stolen. One example is in the film industry. A lot of movies that are released tend to have copies made illegally. Theatrically released movies for one thing tend to be recorded with the use of a camera. Often times, these movies tend to be uploaded to the internet. While people do get to enjoy scenes of movies they have not seen yet or have seen and enjoyed, the truth is that this is piracy and it is illegal. Therefore, the creators of the pirated project suffer a little bit.


Another type of intellectual property theft is the stealing of copyrighted ideas. Often times, people will either take a video that has already been uploaded and then upload it on his channel. It becomes a problem when the person monetizes the video. At the same time, he takes views from the original artist of the video. However, social media video sharing sites are starting to crack down on some of these videos. Fortunately, Kamil Idris is making efforts towards getting the officials to take these violations seriously. One thing that is very frustrating is for people to put a lot of time and effort on a project only to have someone steal it.

Fortunately, when it comes to piracy, all that is going to be available in most cases is a low quality version of a movie. People who go to the movie theaters do not just go to see a movie. They also go to see it on a large screen with a great sound system. However, Kamil Idris knows that even a lower quality version of the film is piracy and is a bad thing because it takes a lot away from the intended effect of the film.


The RealReal Continues to Expand the Luxury Handbag Industry

The RealReal is a leading consignment business that specializes in luxury handbags and array of other specialty fashions. People are raving about the designer brands they carry and the easy shipping that they offer. Being the new buzz of the fashion industry keeps them focused and grounded with their recent success.

This online consignment shop is huge in fashion and they are trending for pretty good reasons. Julie Wainwright is the owner and founder of this unique boutique. She has decided with the help of her affiliates to expand her business. This is great news for the geographical regions that are supported by the work that she continually does for the community. She has raised over $175 million in revenue for her venture capital. Her stores as well as employees continue to increase in value. Sales are booming across the internet and customers are educating themselves on what the RealReal fashion is really about.

Some of the top handbags and accessories they carry are by Chanel, Gucci, and Birkin. A consumer should not have any problems finding the luxury bag of their dreams. Julie Wainwright has many years of experience in business. Her business even offers a class of authenticity sponsored by Birkin and managed by Claire DeBoer who is a hand bag specialist. Keeping in style and being on point in the beauty world is important. The RealReal is just the place to cater to your material fashion needs.

Men, women, and children can shop at the RealReal on any given day. Rolex watches are a big hit for men or just about anyone. For the ladies a fine purse or piece of jewelry will bring forth a winning smile. All specialty items can make a great gift for the entire family. With more than 30 gem specialist to verify and inspect on hand, you can be sure to enjoy your shopping experience.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Idea Is Winning

In a society whereby gender stereotype is prevalent, women have always found it had to prosper in sever aspects of their lives, especially in business. However, this is not the case with Whitney Wolfe who has overcome several struggles to establish a leading dating app known as Bumble. The 28-year-old is Bumble’s founder, a company that is currently headquartered in Texas. Whitney Wolfe holds an international studies degree from Southern Methodist University. She got married to Michael Herd on 2nd September 2017 at Amalfi Coast.

In spite of having a lot of exposure to digital opportunities, it took some twists and turns before Wolfe established Bumble. Previously, she was Tinder’s co-founder but left the company on account of sexual harassment. After her departure, she wanted to create a social network for women which she would call Merci. Before she could implement this idea, Badoo’s CEO, Andreev offered her an opportunity to work in his company as the chief marketing officer which she turned down. Notably, Whitney Wolfe did not like the idea of working for a dating site neither did she want to establish something similar. However, Andreev’s persuasion and financial support saw Whitney Wolfe create Bumble.

Read more: Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd: How to build a workplace where women can thrive

Being that Badoo would provide the technical support for Bumble, it would possess 79% of the company while Whitney Wolfe would acquire 20%. Currently, Bumble has achieved most of its objectives and has more than 50 workers. The platforms such as Bumble Bizz have exposed people to career opportunities while Bumble BFF enables people to make friendships. One thing that can be learned from Whitney Wolfe is that the exchange of ideas among people facilitates the prosperity of a business. An observation from the offices in Texas shows that employees are given an environment to learn and grow together. They are not forced to sit behind their desks all day, and this has enabled Bumble to become a great employer.

Another lesson to take from Whitney Wolfe’s invention is that collaboration is critical. She attributes the success of Bumble to the partnership with Badoo which has provided not only technical support but also insights on running dating apps. A prove to show that this company is growing is the fact that Match wanted to acquire it at $450 million but the deal failed. However, Whitney Wolfe argues that she can only sell the company for the incorporation of new ideas but not for financial gain. She also admitted to wishing for collaboration between Bumble and Facebook which has the intentions of opening a dating site. Being that the company is only four and a half years old and has already created a good brand name, we should expect more from it soon.

The Chainsmokers New Single For 2018

The Chainsmokers are here folks, live and direct. Coming straight out of 2017 with much success, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart plan on continuing their musical takeover with the release of their new sing “Sick Boy”. Known in the music world to be the new players in the EDM genre, “Sick Boy” was dropped on January 17th, 2018 and fits right into the dance-rock groove perfectly. It has an ear catching title, and the melody brings you out of any funk you may have previously been relegated to. In other words, 2018 is the year for EDM and The Chainsmokers.

So you have many listeners, fans, and music critics wondering exactly what “Sick Boy” is all about. Of course the title catches your ear, and the album art is spectacular in it’s 1960’s spy/creature from the black lagoon creationist artwork. An amazing dive into the unknown is what many of the greats are known for, so to Pall and Taggart this new product for 2018 can be known as an audio drug for those out there who can’t get enough of The Chainsmokers. Their debut album Memories…Do Not Open makes it totally necessary for these two to do their best with the new single.

Imagine downloading or streaming this new song, only to have it take over your mind. Don’t be afraid, you knew what you were getting yourself into, right? This is a very feisty anthem that is mingling with dance tones and rock anthems alike. The Chainsmokers have a major hit on Youtube, with “Something Just Like This” garnering well over 990 million views. In other words this new single follows the duos foray into thematics with amazing visuals, and a big-time play on your imagination.Just in case you want to know more about The Chainsmokers, you can find these guys on Twitter, Facebook, as well as Instagram. Learn more about this take on culture and celebrity as soon as you check them out, or give a follow.

Robert Ivy set to receive a lifetime achievement award

Only a few people get to receive lifetime achievement awards. These awards are not just like any other awards. They are usually awarded to individuals who have contributed their career towards a specific course, unlike other awards which mainly focus on one contribution. Robert Ivy happens to among the selected few. Ivy, the current Chief Executive Officer of America Institute of Architects (AIA), will be receiving the Noel Polk award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). Robert Ivy will remain as the first ever architect to win the award. Usually, the award is given to artist living in Mississippi.

Soon he will feature in the awardee list alongside singer Leontyne Price, actor Morgan Freeman, artist Walter Anderson, writers Shelby Foote and Eudora Welty. In a statement, the president of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, Nancy LaForge spoke highly of Robert and his contribution as an editor, author and most importantly as a practicing architect. She is quick to acknowledge the many lives Robert Ivy has touched as an architect. She completed her statement by congratulating Mr. Ivy for winning one of the most envied awards.

Prior to working at America Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy was the executive editor at Architectural Record. During his reign, he brought with him a lot of changes that eventually propelled the institution into becoming a re-known publishing company. Additionally, while still serving there, he received numerous awards for his excellence in his work. He is also part of the success story of McGraw-Hill’s design and construction media in China.

Ivy has received numerous award, thanks to his prowess in architecture. Some of the prizes include; an award by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi and a dean’s medal from the University of Arkansas in 2017. Robert is an alumnus of University of the South and Tulane University where he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and a Master’s degree in Architecture.

Besides, he served in the US Navy before becoming an architect. Since he joined AIA, there has been tremendous growth in the number of members. He has strived to enhance and build on its image. Today, it has over 90,000 members across the US. The principal function of the institute is to design suitable infrastructures for the community. The award event is set to happen in june.

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