Malcolm CasSelle from Video Games to a Wider Audience

OPSkins is an online store which provides video game assets to their users. Malcolm CasSelle is one of the top people at the company, serving as its CIO. OPSkins makes it possible for video game players to have a trustworthy place to trade buy digital assets. Items like gun skins, knife skins, and clothing skins are available on OPSkins. Games like PUBG and H1Z1 are all supported at the shop.

OPSkins is similar to a standard store. However, the people at OPSkins have created WAX, a decentralized platform to encourage even more digital asset trading. WAX differs from OPSkin in a few different ways. For one, instead of WAX itself being a store, it is a platform for users to trade with each other. A user is able to set up shop on WAX and use the platform to sell their goods.

WAX is made safe due to blockchain technology. This method of security uses several different machines to store records on. This means it is nearly impossible for a single user to forge records and defraud others.

While other people are attempting to use blockchain technology for mainstream uses, like banking and physical sales, OPSkins and Malcolm CasSelle recognize that cryptocurrency is perfect for video game users. They are accustomed to dealing with digital currency anyway, so why not create a digital currency for them that actually means something?

Users are able to exchange their real life currency for WAX tokens. This means that the issue of exchanging currencies is almost completely done away with. Once a purchase is completed, a user can choose to convert their payment back to real cash or use their WAX tokens to purchase other digital assets. Malcolm CasSelle even hopes to have non video game players use WAX. There are niche uses for things like WAX, and it is a market that hasn’t been effectively provided for.