Hussain Sajwani: Business Success And Luxury Developments

Hussain Sajwani started his career in the food service industry. Today he is a real estate mogul that has conquered the Middle east and Dubai. He is known to have created some of the most gorgeous and exquisite development properties in his own city and on golf courses. His luxury villas have to top-notch amenities all guests from around the world and buyers have come to love. It’s no secret that he has been in business with now president-elect Donald J. Trump and his children. Hussain Sajwani also shares that him and the Trump family have been closed for years. He continues a strong business relationship them and working on additional deals in the future. Donald trump has already promised to all those concerned that he will not take any part in deal-making with Sajwani while operating the white house. That said, Hussain Sajwani has been guided by the leadership of his three children, who keep the brand protected.

Hussain Sajwani became very successful and wealthy in 2001 when his native area of Dubai begin accepting foreigners in the area as property owners. This prompted Sajwani to move to real estate and sell off units inside a residential building which took only six months. Many in the industry know that Hussain Sajwani has a very extravagant marketing approach when willing apartment buyers. The owner of DAMAC, has led the market in real estate development particularly in the Middle east for years. His properties are sought out by buyers all around the globe.

Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Property is often associated as being glitzy and jaw-dropping developments. His latest venture was entering into a golf course deal with Trump before his presidency. In addition to the real estate properties, DAMAC remains in the food business. As the industry moves forward, the DAMAC owner uses his excellent business skills to take advantage of the UAE property prices in recovery. His company is also looking to do an initial public offering regarding shares as the London Stock Exchange as a possible IPO venue. Hussain Sajwani knew that in 2002 that was a real estate boom happening in Dubai and saw that property developments where the future.

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