How Nathaniel Ru is Promoting Healthy Living


Most Georgetown students are familiar with Sweetgreen. The product is mostly used as a quick snack in between classes, or a post-workout snack. It’s quite surprisingly that the only people who had an idea about Sweetgreen six years ago were its founders Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet, and Nathaniel Ru. The trio wanted to come up with an affordable but healthy food product that would benefit Georgetown students. Interestingly, the three were bonded by their love for healthy food.


After laying out their vision, Ru and his team came up with a business plan. However, a major setback presented itself in the form of their relative inexperience in the food industry. In as much as all of them had entrepreneur parents, none of them had the know-how about building a successful business. This was a blessing in disguise since they developed a unique ability to approach every problem that they faced with a fresh batch of ideas. This has been the backbone of the success that Sweetgreen has had since it was released to the mainstream market.


Starting out in a 500 square feet space on M Street, the business has grown rapidly. The limited resources that the trio had forced each of them to think creatively. From the beginning, they have focused on sustainability, and the use of high quality ingredients. The invaluable advice that they received from other entrepreneurs, and members of the Georgetown faculty, helped Sweetgreen to gain market prominence. The three have learnt invaluable lessons about the importance of running a business that is value-driven. This has helped them to understand the community’s influence on a brand.


About Nathaniel Ru


As an undergraduate student at Georgetown University, Nathaniel had no idea that he would be one of the most recognizable American entrepreneurs. Together with Jammet and Neman, they have built Sweetgreen from scratch into a multimillion dollar company. The success that Sweetgreen has experienced is owed to the discipline, vision, and flexibility of the founders.


Ru has helped Sweetgreen grow into one of the most profitable startups. The salad chain has experienced explosive growth. The Washington-based firm sources its products from farms. Starting out with a single shop at Georgetown, it currently has 31 locations throughout the US. Plans are in the pipeline to open a further 9 outlets by the end of 2016. Ru and his co-founders have roped in several investors, who have pumped more than 95 million dollars into the startup. Such funds will enable Sweetgreen to continue providing healthy culinary options.