IAP Worldwide Services Is Picked For The $ 900 Million U.S. Navy Contract

IAP Worldwide Services is an international company that offers a wide range of service to the U.S. and foreign governments. It is among the five companies that won the indefinite-quantity contract. The Naval Engineering Command Facilities selected IAP Worldwide Services for the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contact II worth $900 million. IAP has a history if supporting such contingency-based contracts with DoD entities. Since 1996, IAP Worldwide is the only government services provider to be chosen for all four Air Force programs under the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP).

Under the contract, the company will provide various services to the Navy. They consist of humanitarian efforts and facility support services. Others include incidental construction services to support natural disasters, incumbent breaks in service at different locations in the world that support the Nation’s efforts and a full range of military actions.

Doug Kitani, the CEO and director of IAP Worldwide Services said that the company was pleased to continue serving its customers by delivering the innovative solutions to their complex challenges. He added that their decision to support the Global Contingency Services of the U.S. Navy is a reflection of their determination to maintain high standards of professionalism in solving their customers’ needs. The vice president for Global Support Services, Rick Nohmer, posited that they would carry out the task on a global scale to support NAVFAC.

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About IAP Worldwide Services
IAP Worldwide is a world-class leader in providing aviation and engineering services, IT & communications, infrastructure & logistics, and power solutions. The company is motivated by its undying desire to ensure that the U.S. government delivers its missions in an any kind of environment. IAP Worldwide Services is fully prepared to meet various emerging challenges. The entity’s employees have adequate experience. They can deliver resourceful and effective solutions in the shortest time possible. IAP offers global-scale support to organizations that focus on keeping the United States stable and secure. They ensure that civilians and defense agencies operate in a favorable environment.

In addition, the company supports non-governmental organizations, clients working in remote areas and energy firms. IAP serves these clients through providing infrastructure solutions and engaging in disaster management among many other services. They create and maintain power plants both temporary and permanent. Moreover, they sustain several aircraft programs by upgrading, acquiring and repairing. IAP supports high-tech equipment and systems that improve the performance of many key platforms, thus helping the U.S. government to endure the emerging transformations in the IT industry.

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