Traveling Vineyard Saves Stay-At-Home Moms

Children are a beautiful gift that needs care and attention. Unfortunately, raising children requires a financial stability and being a mom is not a paying job. Rick Libby, the President of Traveling Vineyards, has found it possible to help out the moms who seem stranded with financial instability yet they can’t afford to go to work. The job comes with pretty interesting offers for being a wine guide.

Wine deals made include earning 15-35 percent commission on their total monthly sales. Even better, for bringing their friends on board to the company, there is a 100 dollars’ bonus when they achieve 750 dollars in their sales.

It does not require much if one learns how to manage their time well. When the product is popular in the market, it is easy to sell it. It is necessary to have a wide connection to people to ensure perfect working skills. Meeting new people is key since one can learn new tactics or acquire new clients. Networking with people from large organizations is better since one is more likely get enormous orders for parties and if the service is good one can get more bookings. Interesting to note, Traveling Vineyard is doing so much better compared to other wine selling companies.

About Napa Vineyard

The vineyard has a reputation for its outstanding wine quality. The vineyard is known for its popular production of grapes. It doesn’t focus entirely on wine as it hosts tourist too. It is an incredible view, and with the quality of the wine, everyone would consider an attractive site. Besides grapes, the soils suit olives very well, spices, flowers, and herbs.

Traveling Vineyard’s Profile

The company is located in Ipswich, Massachusetts and was founded in 2001. It has had around 5,000 representatives who have been trained and educated about wine and the best-selling strategies. Accessing Traveling Vineyards via their website is easy. The company has, of course, had its tough times in 2010 when the company was announced bankrupt. Richard could not give up on it and worked tirelessly to bring it back to its former glory. It now hosts wine tasting events. It is a warm organization where colleagues consider each other as family.

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