Spirit and Study: Introduction to the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit, educational organization created by Rabbi and prolific author, Phillip Berg and his wife Karen to promulgate spiritual realization and the study of the Kabbalah. The central core curriculum of the Kabbalah Centre is focused upon a thorough and intensive study of the Zohar and the Kabbalic Tradition more generally. Despite the fact that the Kabbalah and its attendant traditions have close ties to Judiasm and Christianity, it is not a religious denomination – nor is the Kabbalah Centre a religious institution. Rather the Kabbalah Centre seeks to utilize the notions of spiritual realization and self introspection and contemplation found within the Zohar and other Kabbalic traditions to help individuals find pragmatic ways to self actualization and deal with the myriad problems facing one’s world.

The Kabbalah is an ancient tradition that rose to historical prominence in either the 12th century or the 13th century and is of a perennialist disposition. This means that it was a syncretic tradition, created out of a mixture of pre-Christian, Christian, Hebrew and Judaic mysticism and, more recently, occultism and various New Age spiritual practices. The main goal of the Kabbalah, as illustrated in the core text of the doctrine, The Zohar, is to examine the nature of the self and, once the self is properly understood, realize that individuals placing in relation to other individuals as well as the two realms of being, the Ein Sof, that is, the real of eternity, and the mundane world which it is believed the creator designed expressly for the habitation of man (though this doctrine changes from teacher to teacher).

The Kabbalah Centre, in addition to its central texts also utilizes a great deal of other books and sources to assist its students in the contemplation of freedom, the nature of life, death as well as the potential for every single human being, regardless of their station in life, to achieve greatness and self transcendence. Additionally, The Kabbalah Centre is not a closed, hermetically sealed or elitist organization, but is rather, open to any and all interested persons, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, creed or religion.