The Role Of Open Society Foundation To The Refugee Crisis in Europe And The Ban In Russia

The Europe’s asylum policy which emerged during the European Union’s Negotiations last month entered into force April 4 when 202 asylum-seekers were deported from Greece. However, the policy has four fundamental flaws. The flaws include severely underfunded; it was negotiated with Turkey and imposed on the EU by German Chancellor, it unfairly makes Greece the de facto holding pen and disregarding the inadequate facilities compared to the number of asylum-seekers and it was not voluntary, as it does not allow refugees to take residence where they have chosen.

According to George Soros, Europe should establish a firm and reliable target number of refugees. The number that the EU should choose should be large enough to assure the refugees that they can eventually reach their destination and be accommodated in today’s unfavorable political climate. George Soros believes that for a realistic plan to work, EU needs at least €30 billion a year to support the refugees living in the EU to work and send their children to school.

George Soros has been in the forefront using his network, Open Society Foundation to press the EU leaders to reach a deal that is humane enough for the refugees. Open Society Foundation was started in 1979 by George Soros and the first donation involved giving a scholarship to the black South Africans under during the apartheid era. Open Society Foundation has made significant steps since 1979 including helping to undermine the Communism in the Eastern Bloc through issuing Xerox machines that accelerated the copying of texts and supporting cultural exchanges with the West.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, George Soros made another critical contribution in Europe through the creation of the Central European University to promote critical thinking. Open Society Foundation has expanded its philanthropy to other continents such as Africa, Asia and United States. OSF has not had an easy time with every country as it was recently banned in Russia saying that the organization was a threat to the state security and Russian Constitution.

The statement was released Monday morning by the Russia’s General Prosecutor’s office saying that the charity network including Open Society Institute (OSI) and Open Society Foundation (OSF) has been stopped from operating in Russia because their operations were deemed “undesirable” by the Russian state. The charity network first came in trouble with the Russian government in July 2015 when the government of Russia hinted it was preparing to ban several foreign organizations accused of launching “soft aggression” in the country. Know more on about George Soros.

Russia was recently sanctioned y countries such as United Sates for its role in the Ukraine aggression. According to George Soros, the sanctions were necessary but not sufficient. President Vladimir Putin had developed a successful interpretation of the current situation to justify the current situation against the sections. According to President Putin, the current economic and political difficulties in Russia can only be connected with the hostility of the Western powers. Russian President instead ignored the sanctions and praised the patriotism of the Russians and asked them to put up with the hardship.
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What does George Soros say about the E.U.? In danger? Yes!

This is a brief recap of articles published in CNBC by George Soros.

Is the European Union in mortal danger of collapse? With the current refugee problem in Europe and an unfolding humanitarian crisis in Greece, Mr. George Soros says it is. George Soros a wealthy financier insists that to avoid this, the European Union must agree to a massive cash injection to fix the refugee crisis once and for all. He is quoted saying “Legitimate refugees must be offered a reasonable chance to reach their destinations in Europe” and confirms that the asylum seekers are now desperate.

George Soros states that leaders of the European Union will need to get on board with the idea of surge funding and not continue to just scrape together enough each year through mandatory quotas which most are not in agreement with anyway. A large amount of funds will need to be invested in this endeavor to help alleviate the problem.

In 2015 alone over a million migrants and refugees left on the Middle East and Africa to Europe in trying to escape civil war and in search of a better life.

In an essay Mr. Soros says Europe should be able to handle from 300,000 to 500,000 refugees a year. By doing this it would not overload Europe with migrants and would give hope to those seeking asylum legitimately. George Soros calculates that at least $34 billion dollars or $30 billion Euros a year will be needed to make this plan work.

He urges Europe to understand that even though this seems like a large amount, not doing this will cost the European Union on even more and could cause the collapse of the Union of twenty six European states.

Mr. George Soros was born in Budapest from Hungarian/Jewish ancestry, he holds dual citizenship and is an American magnate, investor and well know philanthropist. He is currently the chairman of Soros Fund management and George Soros is leading supporter of democratic beliefs and causes and has been for decades. The Open Society Foundation, which is his, is helping in over 100 countries at this time.

The investor/philanthropist has suggested that Europe’s long term spending plan or the European Commission’s Multiannual Financial Framework be amended to increase VAT contributions, and this will help with any ongoing funding. But even then surge funding is desperately needed. Mr. Soros mentioned that the EFSF or European Financial Stabilization Mechanism and the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility have $68 billion USD (60 Billion Euros) of available funding which should be used now for this project.

Bonds have been issued by many countries throughout history to help with national emergencies and that is what Europe is facing today with the migrant and refugee crisis, an emergency. It is time to mobilize the triple-A credit of the European Union right now to fix this situation and save the European Union as we know it, says Billionaire George Soros.