Beneful: A Product Line of Healthy Dog Food

If you have a pet, you know that the most important thing to you, as their owner, is their health. Our precious companions are more than just our dogs, but they are members of the family. When it comes to nutrition, we hope to put only the healthiest ingredients in our pets dog bowl, and Beneful makes it easy. Beneful, a popular dog food brand by Nestle Purina Store, has many different foods to meet the needs of your dogs diet.
Benefuls’ original dog food blend ( is a customer favorite and recommended type. With real beef, spinach, carrots and peas, this antioxidant rich formula is the perfect balanced meal for any dog of any size, or breed. Beneful originals also features two other flavors: salmon and chicken. Having the options are a plus if your dog is finicky.

If your pet is having weight issues, also offers a healthy weight formula to ensure your dog is getting all the right nutrients to help lose them the extra pounds. Along with the healthy weight option, comes a healthy puppy option. This formula is designed to give your puppy everything he or she needs to grow big and strong. Puppies need DHA to promote healthy brain support and Beneful supplies that ingredient to its customers.

For your active dog, Beneful also has a Dry Dog Food Playful Life formula which helps your dog thrive in their energy. Maybe your pet needs a bit of a protein boost- well this dog food variety has it! Beneful also recently introduced a new dog food called Incredibites. This is a protein rich formula designed for small dogs up to fifteen pounds. Link here:

No matter your dogs dietary needs, Beneful will have a formula for your favorite companion.


Beneful Dog Food Packs A Punch Of Good Nutrition

People that are truly animal lovers want to provide the best for their pets. They even upload YouTube videos together with their pets. New foods and new food designs are hitting the Wal-Mart market from most of the major pet food facilities. Foods that are naturally fresh and made from quality ingredients are what pet lovers are purchasing. Richard Thompson of Freshpet foods is learning that pet foods can taste good to humans as well. This is not to say that humans need to be purchasing the dog food to eat but it does make dog food more enjoyable for your pets. Imagine being able to open up Turkey flavor dog food at Thanksgiving. Your dog will think he is eating the same as you. It is favorable and moist for your dog to enjoy. Most of the large dog food chains are working hard to produce this quality of food so that your dogs will love mealtime more.
Innovation is putting foods such as fresh salmon and vegetables together to create a gourmet delight for your dogs and cats. Blue Buffalo, Colgate-Palmolive, and Mars Petcare are working hard to develop pet foods that help with overweight dogs. These foods are full of nutrition but lacking in the fat and sugars that are bad for the dogs. Berries and vegetables make these foods taste good too. Dog food companies are spending millions to create the foods that are good for your pet. They believe in good health and good taste. Beneful dry dog food ( is leading the industry in nutrition and taste. Purina Beneful provides dog owners with choices that will take your dog from birth through his wonder years. This company is exploding with nutrition and taste. Learn more about the new foods in the article from the Daily Herald.

Puppies will love biting into the Purina Beneful puppy formula. Chicken and rice with a few vegetables are good tasting but also good for your puppies digestion. The formula provides all the nutrition your growing puppy needs. It gives your puppy the energy to run and play while providing the bone and teeth growth support in the calcium. Beneful also packs a punch with its weight loss formula. Dogs can increase their metabolism and energy while feeling full and satisfied with the taste from’s products.