Roseann Bennett; Telemedicine Is The New Healthcare Line

We are living in the era of advanced information, as well as communication technology. Moreover, there are long-standing high problems of solving and improving health in the healthcare systems. With that said, the history of telemedicine dates back to the 1980s when healthcare practitioners provided a comprehensive and extensive historical chapter of telemedicine from ancient Greece. Today, healthcare practitioners have delved into the use of telemedicine with the hope of changing people’s lives in many ways including accessing healthcare at affordable costs. One such healthcare practitioner is Roseann Bennett.


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The Background Check


As the lady who Co-Founded Centre for Treatment and Assessment, a not-for-profit organization that offers comprehensive assessment for patients with mental issues, Bennett has given up her life to helping people in need. A holder of MA, in addition to Ed.S in marriage as well as family therapy, Bennett’s role in the society cannot be ignored. Besides, she is a qualified, licensed marriage counsellor as well as family therapist who earned her certification from Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, in addition to Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional.




Bennett was quite passionate about helping people regarding their way of living and all that. For that reason, she joined Dr Todd Bennett to establish a foundation that would provide the right resources to help patients. Together, they are committed to assisting families, as well as individuals receive mental health irrespective of their health insurance.




Bennett is not just an entrepreneur but also a dedicated caregiver who works tirelessly to transform the channels through which mental therapy is given. Perhaps her model of operating is unique because she makes mental health care accessible for everyone. Besides, following the completion of Mental Health Awareness Week, Roseann Bennett released a new trend regarding leveraging mental health care services through telemedicine. Although she sees telemedicine as beneficial to patients, she also advises health care practitioners not to allow it to override traditional healthcare practices. Her reasons are quite weighty because she thinks that it is essential for therapists to have live interaction with their patients in order to understand each other and possibly find the necessary help. Go Here for related Information.


The Overview


Life is indeed full of activities. With the advent of technology giving life to telemedicine, it has become increasingly vital to balance life’s challenges. While some people prefer virtual appointments, others prefer physical appointments where they can see their doctors. Telemedicine is easing everything by allowing patients to cut down on healthcare costs.



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