Victoria Doramus’ Contribution To The Digital And Print Media And Society

Victoria Doramus has more than ten years’ experience in the digital and print media sector. Victoria Doramus earned a degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado. She has been part of organizations like the Stila Cosmetics, Trendera, Creative Arts Agency, and the MindShare where she was working on advertisement and branding. She has immense experience in the film industry and television that provided room for her to get more knowledge and spotting new marketing methods that are creative and effective in the market.

Victoria Doramus believes that her habit of preparing a to-do list keeps her going despite the existence of a mobile Application that can help in preparation and planning. She notes that believing in one’s self and having confidence in oneself is what will make everything work in life.

Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) like any other successful person has experienced downtimes. She has had many failures, but she believes that the best part is to take responsibility and stand right up and overcoming the obstacles. Victoria believes that the introduction of mobile apps has made life easier in improving productivity. Her favorite Apps in NYC are Cavier and Postmates that helps in doing business at any hour of the day.

Despite being active in marketing, Victoria Doramus also loves reading. She reads addiction recovery literature and non-fiction memory books. She has a strong affinity to redemption and recommends Beautiful Boy written by David Sef. She believes that for any situation in life, “if you spot it you got it.” She watches her diet as well using a mobile App- My Fitness Pal.

Despite her active role in the marketing sector, Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist and active in charity work. She has a special dedication to charity works including the Room Read, Women’s Prison Association, Amy Winehouse Foundation, and the Best animal Society. The recovery expert believes that helping others is as important as helping oneself and gives the same satisfaction to others. She has worked towards achieving her goal of helping others achieve their goals in life and their career.

George Soros Advocates for Ukraine

George Soros sees a light at the end of the tunnel for Ukraine. However, this happy ending is only possible with the right amount of support and assistance from Ukraine’s European allies, according to Soros. Soros believes so strongly in the potential for Ukraine to generate increased economic opportunities in Europe and serious political reforms, that he has taken up arms along side Ukrainians in reaching out to European leaders for more help. While Soros may only be writing and speaking on the subject and not actually fighting off Russian aggression in person, his support for Ukraine has been instrumental in increasing international awareness of the seriousness of the situation there. Soros has provided a desperately needed wake up call for the world to see just how precarious the circumstances in Ukraine are right now. Although he has some words of warning about the threat from Russia in coming years, Soros is optimistic about the ability of Europe to help Ukraine remain an independent state and become economically viable.

Soros recognizes the strength of the Ukrainian people and implores us to understand that it was no small task for the Ukrainian people to defend themselves from Russia interference. Soros takes heart in the fact that the Ukrainian people are very committed to seeing through the political and economic reforms that have been underway in that country for several years now. This type of commitment and appreciation for the support of the EU is a crucial factor in keeping the EU together for years to come. Soros contends that the better relationship the EU solidifies with Ukraine during its early days of real independence, the more grateful and responsive Ukraine will be down the line.

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Soros does not argue that the EU extend assistance to Ukraine based on generosity alone. For the EU, Ukraine is a sound business proposition. If Ukraine can get its economy up and running, then the EU can add another trade partner to its list. Because Ukraine had to spend and borrow so much to be able to fend off the Russians, it is currently completely out of whack in terms of balance of trade. The sooner it is viewed as a valid opportunity for foreign investment, the sooner the country can start to turn the tables and begin paying off its debts. Soros warns that if the EU is too greedy in collecting on the debts owed by Ukraine, this could destroy any shot that Ukraine has at becoming a totally independent and prosperous nation. Instead, Soros suggests that the EU should consider any financial assistance it offers to Ukraine as an investment in its own financial future because of the increased market access that Ukraine can provide.

Helping Ukraine is about much more than putting Russia in its place. Soros demonstrates that an investment in Ukraine is an investment in increased trade opportunities and improved international relations for all of Europe. Without completely alienating Russia, Soros sees great potential in lifting up Ukraine for the benefit of all.

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Fabletics Marie Claire

Actress Kate Hudson has been gaining a new kind of popularity recently with her new fashion line, Fabletics. This is a line of clothing that was created for anyone who finds physical fitness important. It comes as a refreshing change to finally have access to affordable athletic wear that is not cheap or unflattering.

Thanks to Fabletics anyone can walk into the gym and show off their outfit without having to worry about see through fabric or tearing seams. Hudson found an area that was being overlooked and brought her adoring public gorgeous athletic wear at a reasonable price. As if being a movie star was not enough Kate Hudson is now taking over the fashion world as well.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Hudson sat down to talk about what come next for Fabletics. (Interview can be found here With the massive success of the athletic wear we are now introduced to Athleisure.

This new line combines the comfort and fit of what someone would wear to a yoga class and makes it into something that can be worn everyday. Dresses that provide support just as exercise clothing would now look as though they can be worn on a girl’s night out. Athleisure is a brilliant concept that is sure to be a hit. Comfort and style have been brought together like never before and it has never looked better.

In addition to the new line clothing there is also a new line of swimsuits. Now a bikini top can double as a sports bra. This is amazing for anyone doing early morning yoga on the beach.

Aside from function, these swim suits look amazing. No one would guess that you went from a hike to the pool without needing to go home first. Hudson herself seems excited about the new venture with good reason. Versatile swimwear that looks as good as if feels is giving even more reasons to look forward to summer.

Their wide range of Pinterest ideas are spreading the importance of physical fitness all around. Athleisure and the new line of swimsuits are proving that people can be more active in everyday life, not just at cycling class. It is an exciting time for Kate Hudson and her company. Check out Fabletics today and hang in for the new styles coming soon.

An Analysis of Slyce’s 2015 Financial Report

Every year, businesses have to make their financial report public. This shows how it has performed in the course of the year, any new projects it undertook and what its future plans are. Top visual search company, Slyce Inc. recently announced its fiscal results for 2015 and the fourth quarter which came to an end on October 31, 2015. The firm used this occasion to make public the partnerships it has made, and what undertakings it has in store.

Key Highlights of the Report

In August 2015, it announced a partnership with online shoe retailer SHOES.COM. This is the fastest evolving online shoe store globally. Slyce’s visual search recognition allows those visiting SHOES.COM to take pictures of the footwear, whether in printed sources, and be presented with a catalogue of all related shoes by the company. The chosen item can then be purchased online and delivery made.

The Company also made it public that fashion line Neiman Marcus had extended the use of Slyce’s technology to the entire index of brands under its wing. This will facilitate buyers to take high definition images and upload them to Slyce’s website. They will thereafter be notified of any closely related items in the company’s catalogue. It also signed a pact with Shoe Carnival, which will see it tap into Slyce’s technology.

On the financial front, the company pointed out that it had raised 7 million dollars from a venture capitalist, who will get 5 million dollars-worth of shares. The financier acquired an additional 3.5 million dollar-worth of shares. It also embarked on a product improvement strategy, which will see it build a system that lessens assimilation efforts required of fresh customers. Revenues for 2015 amounted to 1.6 million dollars compared to 89,803 dollars the preceding year.

With the partnerships made, it has been placed on a growth path, which will ensure maximum yields in the coming years.