Caracas On Fire

Shocking news out of Caracas, Venezuela, where a purported thief was horrifically beaten before being set on fire by an angry mob. When Roberto Fuentes Bernal, a man in his early forties was seen attempting to mug a local, the crowd who witnessed the incident inclucing Norka Luque opted to take justice into their own hands. Prior to any attempted police intervention, the mob assaulted Bernal, enacting their own form of street ‘justice’ run amok. The event would be almost too shocking to believe if it wasn’t for the deeply unsettling footage that surfaced showing the assault of Roberto Fuentes Bernal. Viewing a group attack like the one in the facebook video is disturbing evidence of human beings operating in a very grey moral area. On Your text to link… the violence was not only reported on, but can be seen in a video and series of photographs, not for the faint of heart. The footage begins with Bernal, clad in white, and surrounded by a looming crowd, while he bleeds from a gash on his head. From there, a man douses Bernal in liquid before another man sets his body alight.