EOS Excels With Millennial Marketing

EOS lip balm is found in almost every drug store lip care aisle today and many women recognize what it is, but how did it get so popular with the ladies? In a recent article by fastcompany.com, the founders of the company knew that women were their niche market, and simply asked them what they wanted. It is sometimes the most simple marketing initiatives that lead to the most success.

The resulting product that was developed after listening to the responses of their queries was a spherical modern package design housing an all natural lip balm product that was delicately flavored and scented. The lip pods were easy to apply and didn’t leave the fingers messy like other potted balm products. They also catered to women’s want for a product that was enjoyable and beautiful to use in their daily beauty routines. EOS lip balms hit all the marks and was an instant success, especially for their first female buyer at Walgreens.

After the product saw some success at Walgreens the founders of the company decided to invest their money in custom machinery that could make the products in house without the need to rely on an outside manufacturer. This decision enabled the company to branch out to other locations interested in the product, change up their product offering to keep it interesting, and to keep up with demand.

Only after these pods had seen some success did the brand invest in more rigorous marketing with some old school methods like television commercials and print ads in magazines, but also in millennial style advertising that would help them to connect to their target audience quicker. The brand reached out to YouTube beauty gurus and makeup and beauty bloggers who had a large millennial audience to give their product the wider audience that it would be popular with. Check out evolutionofsmooth.com today!