Powerhouses Work Together

Titans in the business world do not always have to compete for growing markets or take one another down in feverish bids to keep a strong hold on the next bog thing. Sometimes, they can actually work together and create mutually beneficial bonds to not only ensure the continued growth of their respective empires but to also support and help each other grow. This growth and support is exactly the happens when Securus Technologies Inc., and JPay join forces to be something better than either one company could be on its own.


Both of these leaders in the field of service to the DOC (Department of Corrections) are independent and indispensable to the facilities they work for. And, the details as to why their matching each other is a good deal reveal all. It all comes down to cutting-edge technology, which yields a platform that handles everything from education to digital payments, with services like and entertainment in between them. The stock purchase agreement between Securus and JPay means that the daily operations for 33 prisons in different states run more smoothly and safely for everyone involved.


Rick Smith, CEO for Securus, knows a good deal and a worthy partner when he sees one, so making the choice to collaborate with one of the best business out there makes him proud. He has admired Jpay for years, due to its innovation in service and work product. Moreover, this collective effort is not just about doing good business. It is about lowering the rate at which inmates revisit the DOC, as the products and services of this collaboration ultimately helps inmates readjust to their lives outside of the prison system. Ryan Shapiro, CEO for JPay, is equally excited about the collective effort of these companies, because it gives his people the power to get more done in a work day.


The Excellent Security Solutions Being Offered by Securus Technologies

Securus is a company that has been operational since 1997. The company is based in Amarillo, Texas and offers different inmate communication and security solutions. They have been improving the quality of the services which they provide over the years, and they are currently operational in more than 1200 correctional facilities across the country. There are many things which make Securus the inmate crime solutions company of choice for many people. Below are a few of them.


The first and the main reason they have gotten positive reviews from the better business bureau is the fact that their level of customer service is not matched by any other in the country. The better business bureau has rated their service and found them to have the most responsive and helpful customer service representatives. They report that when disputes are presented to the customer service representatives, they take their time and look for the most natural solution for them.


The quality of their service is another positive point for Securus. It has been noted that since they entered the inmate telecommunications scene, the cost of calling and messaging loved ones who are behind bars has decreased significantly. There was a time when keeping in touch meant visiting them at the correctional facility. However, times have significantly changed, and it is now possible to talk with loved ones via means such as video conferencing from the comfort of your house.


The crime prevention services they offer are their latest genius invention. They have invested in technology that helps them monitor inmates and report cases of crime when and as they occur. The technology has been used to reduce crimes both within the correctional facilities and in private corporations. It is easy to see that Securus Technologies is interested in improving their future of the penitentiary system, and they are making the right steps to bring about transformation.


Keeping Fugitives in Jail with Securus Technologies

My team of officers got a call that one of the most wanted fugitives in our state was last seen inside our city. His violent past was reason for concern, and the fact he skipped his bail hearing had the entire region nervous. This suspect has already beaten a women, a grandmother, and a child, and we feared he would be even more violent if his freedom was in jeopardy.


The first thing we try to do is connect with any friends or family of the suspect, but there would be no leads in this case due to the fact he was a loner. The only reason we knew he was in our city was this was the location of his drug connections, and we figured he either needed a fix or he was looking to make some cash before his escape. Time was running out, and we were losing daylight on this investigation.


One thing that I know in all my years in law enforcement is there is no such thing as honor among thieves. We decided to go to the local prison to see if any of the inmates knew our suspect was here again. The Securus Technologies company installed a monitoring system in this jail and 2,600 others around the country, allowing officers the chance to hear all the inmates more closely when they use the jail phones. This was how we could get the inmates to help without them even realizing.


The LBS software scans calls and alerts officers if anything on a subject is detected. One call was quite revealing, talking about a drug deal gone bad, and the inmate wanted his crew to meet the suspect to get revenge under the impression it was a deal We arrived to break up that deal and found our suspect completely surprised.


Securus Technologies Receives Accreditation From The Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is a large communications company that serves correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement. It currently provides service to over 1.2 million inmates and 3,800 different institutional entities.


Services provided include phone service via Apple and Android technology through smartphones, tablets and regular landlines. The comfort that inmates and their families receive from having ready communications availability is a vital factor in the morale and discipline statistics of the federal prison systems involved.


When inmates can communicate with family members on a regular basis, not only does it make things easier for them when they can find out news from home, it helps discipline from within the correctional institutions themselves.


Recently Securus has joined and become accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Not all businesses can attain that status as a rigorous application procedure is necessary before accreditation can occur. First, a business has to meet the standards prescribed by the Better Business Bureau; then an application may be submitted. Once the application is received by the BBB, the decision is made to either accept or reject the applicant.


Securus has been accepted and accredited by the Better Business Bureau and this gives Securus a standing in the community of enhancement and that of a stable and desirable business in the eyes of the Better Business Bureau. It gives the customers of Securus an independent advocate in case there is any problem or issue with Securus from the standpoint of the inmates or their families.


If there is a problem, then the alleged wronged party can file a formal complaint with the BBB and receive the correction of the problem. If a problem is not rectified, it is noted by the BBB, and the reputation of Securus would be downgraded publically.