Goettl Continues to Expand In the HVAC Industry

According to the recent article in The Business Journals, Goettl Air Conditioning company announced Walton’s Heating and Air acquisition, a family-owned HVAC company, based out of southern CA.

The deal allows Goettl that already has locations in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson, to start solidifying a presence in CA and for Walton’s Heating and Air to grow past what Todd Longbrake, the owner can do on his own. Longbrake said that he had taken the family-owned company as far as they could take it, they were stagnant.

In early 2015, when Goettl showed that it had an interest in acquiring Walton’s, Longbrake was hesitant to jump onboard. But, after hearing encouraging comments from other people in the industry of the HVAC about Goettl plus its owner Ken Goodrich, Longbrake then decided to give it a try. In mid-2015, the acquisition was finalized, Longbrake said that since they joined forces, they have grown ten times.

Longbrake is being maintained in Goettl taking the field supervisor and sales manager roles. Goodrich said that Todd has assimilated into their company culture almost instantly and he became a leader within their entire organization. For more details visit Indeed.

Although the deal was concluded in 2015, Goodrich held off to announce the acquisition till late September this year, because of operational issues within Walton’s as well as marketing complications. Goodrich stated that they wanted everything to be in place before they gave it the Goettl badge.

He managed the obstacles throughout the acquisition, due to the value he considered Walton’s offered to Goettl. Goodrich said that Walton’s had the same family values and background. He continued saying that although Walton’s was slow-moving at the time, he realized the firm was a platform firm where they could grow.

Currently, Goettl has 306 employees after the acquisition; the company is projecting the increase of 200 jobs, especially in Tucson and Phoenix, the largest markets in the company.

According to Goettl website, the company is a leader in the HVAC industry; Goettl’s has been helping in shaping the industry of air conditioning and heating for many years. They provide clients with excellent HVAC services in AZ (Arizona). Their commitment to AZ and the communities they serve is unmatched.

In 1926, the Goettl brothers started their adventure in Mansfield, Ohio. A few years later, at the time of the Great Depression, the three brothers, Bill, John, and Adam moved out west and went to Phoenix, Arizona looking for opportunities. Therefore, they founded the Phoenix, Arizona-based Goettl Air Conditioning. You can follow their Twitter account.

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