Nathaniel Ru, the Success of Sweetgreen

At whatever point you stroll into a Sweetgreen eatery, you promptly feel an atmosphere of freshness. Sweetgreen has delegated a quick easygoing eatery network that serves prepared plates of mixed greens. It gives a brisk air that leaves individuals lining for the duration of the day to experience the solid food served. The menu comprises of lettuce, strong cheddar disintegrates, and tart dressings just to give some examples.


Sweetgreen is well known for its flavorful nourishments that are both sound and sensibly valued. Clients can appreciate the feeding foods served by Sweetgreen for generally an equal cost from burgers to fries. Sweetgreen’s servings of mixed greens go about all in all feasts whereby you can have them for lunch or dinner. They can likewise be taken in the middle of suppers. Sweetgreen’s plates of mixed greens fill the stomach, and you won’t feel hungry thirty minutes after eating.


Sweetgreen was established in 2007 by three Georgetown students—Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. They began with only one shop in Georgetown. Much to their dismay, nine years down the line they would have 31 outlets across the nation and $95 million worth of investment financing. The three originators have set their eyes on extending to 40 eateries before the end of 2016.


Fortune as of late highlighted Sweetgreen, and it proclaimed that startup eatery networks ought to take a gander at Sweetgreen and attempt to imitate it. Nathaniel Ru, the co-founder examined a few operations of the eatery. He shed light on how Sweetgreen picks its areas. Mr. Ru guaranteed that they lead an investigation of socioeconomics of a sector while considering the planning of entering that particular market. He gave a case of an eatery they opened in a New York neighborhood grouped with a bunch of tech and media organizations.


Mr. Ru additionally addressed the outline of Sweetgreen. He alluded to the outline as “administration plan” which includes narrating, outline, and innovation. He stated that the open kitchen is fundamental in demonstrating its clients the procedure behind creating the nourishment.


About Nathaniel Ru


Mr. Ru went to Georgetown University where he graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Around the same time, he helped to establish Sweetgreen. In 2010, Mr. Ru and the other two co-founders launched Sweetlife. Sweetlife is nourishment and music celebration that draws in more than 20,000 members and components prominent music artisans and gourmet specialists alike.


Mr. Ru and his accomplices have been included in a few magazines and sites as an acknowledgment for their endeavors and entrepreneurial undertakings.

Decoding the Unprecedented Success of the Fast-Food Chain of Restaurants, Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen has created a business model that has become the envy of the entire fast food industry. Their organic yet healthy and tasty culinary treats are on course to transforming the entire restaurant industry. Their clients’ line up for miles on end, just to grab a meal at any of their 40 locations spread out all across the nation. Everybody says their salads are simply to die for- no pun intended.


Best Salads in the US


Nathaniel Ru, the co-CEO, says their main motivation is to feed people with better food. Asides the sumptuous menu, there’s a whole lot more the other established food chains could learn from the success of Ru’s company. For instance, most of the hotel’s transactions get done via their website or mobile app. Mr. Ru often reiterates that technology is part and parcel of their organizations DNA.


Unprecedented Success


Sweetgreen is the brainchild of three alumni from Georgetown University. Tired of the unhealthy food served at Georgetown; the trio decided to do something about it. From their first shop barely 50 meters squared, they quickly rose up the ranks to become one of the biggest establishments in the nation. To get there, they used their creativity and ingenuity.


Decentralization Efforts


The three founders have a policy wherein they close down their headquarters for five days every year. Instead of working from their lofty HQ’s they opt to go down to their restaurants and interact with their customers. This move helps them to come up with workable solutions and efficient strategies moving forward.




The founders are sons of immigrants. Their parents were also into business. Nathaniel’s advice to young investors is to keep on reading and reading. He also believes in building the spirit of teamwork to achieve goals and targets.




The restaurant chain has received capital funding totaling close to $100 million. The money has come from a broad spectrum of venture capitalists. The backers include the parents of the trio entrepreneurs, the Latino Economic Development Center, Revolution Growth.


About Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel is an investor-cum-entrepreneur from New York. He currently sits on the boards of two companies: SWTLF Ventures and Sweetgreen. The Georgetown business school graduate has seeded numerous startups. He’s financed LOLA, Bond Street, EatPops and MeUndies at a tune of $15.2 million in total. His all-time favorite food is a little quaint Thai food restaurant known as Johnny Monnis. He admires the place because of its fantastic service.