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What is OSI Food Solutions? The company completed its establishment in expansion to provide increased levels of value-added protein products early this year. Now, the company can give out a total production capacity of quality chicken, beef, and pork products of 45,000 tons annually. The enormous increase in the overall output was as a result of the fast-increasing demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain. The chicken output elevated from 12,000 to 24,000 tons annually. OSI is a predecessor of Otto and Sons. The company gained interest in 1975 to move from serving as a local firm in Illinois and become an international company. Today, the firm has facilities in more than 23 countries across the world.

In 1975, OSI Food Solutions employed Sheldon Lavin as an investor and financial advisory to help in moving the firm forward in its development strategies. The development enhanced the increase in the workforce by 20 posts. The job opportunities increased the economic growth by raising the living standards in the community. Among the 20 positions is the product development manager. The work of the office is to introduce new products to the company’s portfolio and control the current commodities. The President of OSI Food Solutions, David McDonald noted that the expansion of the company was to prepare for a further increase in demand for meat products. Therefore, the development would secure a ticket for the group to remain as the leading food processing industries in the entire globe.

OSI Food Solutions added its work space by 22,600 square feet. Also, the firm boosted its surveillance system by introducing some indoor and outdoor cameras. Other additional facilities include a production hall, receiving and shipping area, water storage tanks, rooms for waste container storage, and social space for workers. Further, the company acquired the Tyson Food Plant to indicate the willingness to serve North America in 2016. Also, after purchasing the Flagship Europe, OSI made it the major food distributor in the UK and rebranding it as the Creative Food Europe. Moreover, the company acquired the leading stake of Baho Food. Most importantly, the group received the 2016 Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council.

OSI Industries Food Group Leaders

Get An All-Natural Diet With OSI Industries Foods

The popular OSI Food Solutions group is one of the top 100 food corporations in the industry. They have been able to earn their position by answering to a stabilized food industry with all-natural food products. They’re thousands of families that continue to be fed their organic diet through many popular restaurants and grocers. Their frozen poultry is farmed raised and their is no additives in their vegetables. Their absolutely, affordable and nutritious diet has made them a well known food corporation. Based in Aurora, Illinois, they’re one of the largest in North America.

OSI Industries Business International News

The popular OSI Food Solutions Group has made it possible for their team to partner with other big name food corporations. They’ve been a part of one of the largest food groups in the EU network with the popular Flagship Europe Group. They have decided to process their frozen meat patties and their food condiments for Flagship. OSI was one of the first to see the benefits of meeting the demands of a stabilized food industry. They will also process food for the popular Dutch, Baho Food network promoting their signature organic vegetables.

OSI Food Solutions Gives Back To The Community

Are you familiar with the food industry giving back to the community? The popular OSI Industries has been able to lend a generous amount of time and resources to the community. They have been able to help many at-risk adults and children around the world. OSI has given back to one local area community by strengthening their work community by retaining jobs for hundreds of stranded OSI workers. Learn more about their international partnership by visiting their exclusive website for more details today. Go OSI Food Solutions and feed your family a diet they can trust.

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OSI food solutions is a leading company in the category of global food providers based in the UK. It manufactures and sells products of meat including raw chicken, assemblies of sandwiches, hot dogs, bacon, smoked products and beef patties that are cooked. It partners with the best of the world’s retail food and food service brands to provide products that excite and fulfill the needs of customers. With the best financial and infrastructure resources, they are focused on offering their clients with extensive skills of sourcing, developing, producing and distributing to them food solutions that are custom globally.

OSI food solutions acquired Baho Foods to broaden their presence in Europe. Baho Foods manufactures meat products including chicken, beef, sausages and other products of pork in the Netherlands. This move was a great benefit to OSI since Baho Foods has five Brands in the market, diversifying the products to fit their consumers’ needs.

OSI Food Solutions recently increased their food production capacity to double at its already existing Toledo Operation in Spain. This investment’s cost was about €17 million, increasing processed products of chicken to 24,000 tons from 12,000 tons every year. This expansion has improved OSI’s total capacity of production to over 45,000 tons of quality pork, chicken and beef products.

The entire project would add 20 more jobs to the already existing and occupied 140 positions, including the newly created job position of the development manager of products. This position’s holder would be responsible for ensuring there is dedicated and skilled leadership for both the new developments in products and the existing products’ developments.

OSI’s Spain Managing Director José María del Río said that the expansion was a solution to the increasing chicken products demand in both Portugal and Spain. There has been a 6% average increase in demand in the last ten years and an 8% average increase in the past three years. The company is anticipating continuously increased demand, but with this project, they are ready.

The addition of buildings included a new hall for production, areas for receiving and shipping products, a storage facility of supplies, nitrogen, and hot water tanks, employees’ social area and storage rooms of waste containers that are refrigerated. It also included a kitchen for the development of products to offer the best services to their consumers and client’s needs. The COO and President of OSI, David McDonald addressing the achievement said that they were excited that they were creating opportunities for jobs and adding capacity.

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