Sweetgreen; A Leading Provider of Healthy Dishes in Washington

After graduating from college, Nathaniel Ru and his two friends Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman resorted to starting up Sweetgreen Company. To start up they company, they negotiated with some of their friends and relatives to financially support them in kick-starting the company.


Despite a humble beginning from one shop based in Georgetown, their business has expanded and currently boasts of 31 stores nationwide. By the end of this year, the executive officers are targeting to expand to 40 more regions.


To support their growth Ru and his colleagues have been organizing for venture funding to help them raise funds to expand their market. In three rounds of venture funding, they have raised more than $95 million. Their success emerged from their ability to develop an idea that involved offering simple and seasonal healthy dishes.


The founders were inspired by their parents who were all entrepreneurs. After considering all their options carefully, the trio opted to set up Sweetgreen Company that provided healthy and nutritious meals to their clients. What set them apart from other enterprises in the food industry is that they use natural ingredients acquired from local farmers to prepare healthy salads.


To date, Sweet Green works with close cooperation of various investors who support their business. Danny Meyer, a friend, was the only investor when they started, but to date, they are backed up by other investors like Steve Case, founder of AOL.


Sweetgreen’s founders attested that the main reason why they maintained their investors is because of their demonstration of hard work and passion supported by a realistic business plan. This gave their investor confident since the firm had a promising future.


Sweetgreen boasts of the most professional staffs who have contributed to their market growth. The staff use exceptional skills to ensure that their salads have the best flavor, appears attractive and has a high nutritive value compared to that of their business rivals.


Nathaniel Ru, one of Sweetgreen’s founders, is a business graduate from Georgetown University. Besides being the co- founder of Sweetgreen, he serves as an investment partner in four other enterprises which include LOLA, Bond Street, EatPoPs, and MeUndies.


Through the founder’s visionary leadership supported by a solid academic background, they have grown their company into a fast-growing enterprise in the food industry. Moreover, they had felt that there needed to be someone providing Georgetown city with healthier food choices than what was offered.