Lawrence Bender’s Accomplishments in Film & Society

Kill Bill was released in 2003. It is about a former assassin, played by , who is betrayed by her peers. She is left for dead in a church, pregnant and in a wedding dress. The movie jumped forward in time, joining Uma in the midst of a revenge plot. One name has already been marked off her list, and the next is a woman played by Vivica A. Fox.

The movie was released in two parts, but it was filmed in one session. In addition to , the film also features David Carradine, Lucy Lui, Daryl Hannah, and Michael Madsen.

The second volume of the film was released in April of 2004. The film adds several new actors to the line-up including Samuel L. Jackson. The second volume picks up where the first left off, continuing to showcase ‘s killing spree.

Everyone knows Kill Bill as being directed by Quentin Tarantino, but few know of its producer: Lawrence Bender. He worked with Tarantino on his very first feature film and many films after.

“I feel like Quentin and I are great partners,” Lawrence Bender said during an interview for his former university. “We trust each other quite a bit, and in trust, you are able to expand. Bender believes that the best movies come from well-acclimated producer/director teams.

Lawrence Bender also likes to work towards creating a better world. He worked alongside Al Gore to create a documentary about the environment and global warming called An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore eventually won a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions towards the awareness of climate change.

Lawrence Bender was asked by the University of Maine about issues that are deserving of a in-depth documentary today, and he replied with a long list of issues. “AIDS, poverty, over-fishing of the oceans,” he said.

Lawrence Bender may be an Academy Award winning producer, but for his altruistic efforts, the ACLU gave him the Torch of Liberty Award.