The Rise Of Amazon And Then Fabletics

Amazon is one of if not the largest online retail company. It has seen a lot of success and growth throughout the years it has been in business. One of the reasons that it has been successful is that it carries everything a customer would want. If anyone is looking for a specific items, then she can find it at Amazon. This is especially the case with fashion. While Amazon is one of the most successful online companies, there are companies that are looking to take it on. Among the different industries that Amazon is being given competition in is the fashion industry.


Kate Hudson herself has looked at Amazon and has seen that because it is a general merchandiser, there could still be limits to what is offered in fashion. For one thing, Amazon does not design its own clothes, but instead sells clothes from other designers. Therefore, one is not likely to find something unique to Amazon. People who are a little more interested in fashion know that people are more likely to find unique items from retailers that design their own clothes. When they find designs that they like, then they tend to stick with the designer.


Kate Hudson has used this knowledge to her advantage and has decided to work with people on building an athletic clothing company and building a trademark so that she will be able to attract the types of customers she wants. These are the people that have a real desire for fashion and actually taking the time to find their own style. She is also willing to cater to the individual in this respect so that she will be comfortable with her own individual style. While Fabletics was started as a way to address the deficit in the fashion industry when it comes to active wear, these types of clothes can actually be worn for any occasion.


Kate Hudson’s approach with Fabletics involves first getting to know the customer, and then supplying the customer with products according to her preferences. She also gets a free outfit according to her preferences. This is actually a great deal for people that are looking for a way to bring new life to their style. Fabletics and TechStyle is like having a personal stylist work with them and figure out something that looks best on them. They will also get to choose the clothes that they just want to wear because they like it.