Betsy Devos: A Philanthropist

Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, is known for her tenacity when it comes to supporting certain political policies. This tenacity is being brought into question, however, thanks to a report that Ms. DeVos opposed a policy change by President Trump.


The policy in question, which allowed transgender students the right to choose which bathroom to use while in school, was revoked by President Trump in February of 2017. A report from within the Department of Education suggests that DeVos warned several members of her staff about the White House’s decision hours before it came. Additionally, it is being reported that DeVos was against the removal of the bathroom policy. One aide, who works at the Department of Education, assured a member of the gay and trans community that DeVos would fight against the removal of the policy.


Aside from this report, however, there is no evidence that Ms. DeVos opposed the bathroom policy removal. DeVos praised Trump for removing the policy in a speech she gave to members of the Republican Party. She likened the policy to other such policies born from the Obama administration which she and other members of the Republican Party consider to be government overreach.


Betsy DeVos, who became the Secretary of Education in 2017, faced some opposition. Her appointment to the position was met with a hearing, and her confirmation was delayed. The hearing resulted in her approval, however, and she has held the position of Secretary of Education since.


In her position, DeVos makes trips to schools and universities around the country in support of her policies. She is a proponent of school choice, a collection of programs that allow citizens to choose the quality of school their children will attend. DeVos is also a supporter of charter schools and Christian education in the school system. Additionally, DeVos is a fierce proponent of a school voucher system. Such a system would make it possible for private schools to receive public funding.


DeVos and her husband are active philanthropists and have given several million dollars to education and arts programs throughout the United States.


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