The Development Projects that Boraie Construction has Spearheaded in New Jersey

It is rare to find corporate giants committed to bettering the lives of large communities or states; however, the Boraie development is doing just that in the state of New Jersey in New Brunswick. Boraie Development,LLC, was founded by Omar Boraie, who comes from Egypt. The company focuses on finding potential development projects to carry out. At the age of 73, the company’s president, Sam, is considered a hero by the citizens in New Brunswick because of the development he has brought to the area.

The most successful project has to be the Aspire that has brought modernity and elegance to the house accommodation of New Brunswick. The development is a 238 unit high rise apartment near the New Brunswick train station. There is also the 25- story mixed used space in One spring street which rises to 400000 square feet. It offers residents with health clubs and other amenities. The structures offer modern designs which are convenient to the young residents seeking alternative trendy housing and accommodation.

The Boraie Development has stretched his prowess and development ingenuity to Atlantic City and Newark. Late last year they broke ground on the beach at the south inlet in Atlantic City. The structure is set to rejuvenate the city with 250 residential units near the boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean. In Newark, Boraie is constructing Albany St. plaza, which will feature 250000 square feet of office space and 20000 square feet of retail space.

Elijah’s Promise is a non-profit where Sam sits on the advisory board. The organization aims to alleviate hunger, empower lives, and break the cycle of poverty in communities located all over the state of Jersey. Elijah’s Promise offers a community kitchen soup, connects low-income persons and families with social and health services, and also trains unskilled workers for careers in the food industry.

Boraie Jr, along with other local businessmen, is also on the board of trustees in the state theatre of New Jersey. The state theater is a local cultural arts institution that puts on scenes of music and dance performances, Broadway shows, and family events. Teachers and students usually attend special performances.

According to the centraljerseyworkingmoms blog, there are many other projects that are in the pipeline for Boraie Construction under the leadership of Sam Boraie. He is a man to be emulated for his business strategy, idea implementation and his passion for the growth and progress of his community through his company, Boraie Constructions.