Eric Lefkofsky On Tempus And Making Ideas Come To Life

When people think about changes in how cancer is treated, they might immediately begin to think about radiation and medication. Tempus is looking to change how it is treated by changing how it is documented. Co-founded by the Eric Lefkofsky who also co-founded the e-commerce giant Groupon, Tempus has plans to disrupt the healthcare industry by using data in order to allow doctors to find the best treatment methods for patients based on their biology and specific aspects of their disease.

Prior to Tempus, data was not being implemented in a way that Eric Lefkofsky thought was truly effective. While technology had changed many other industries, he believed that the healthcare industry was not keeping up with the times as much as they could be. He came to this conclusion after watching someone he cared about go through treatment for cancer. He set out to see if there were any companies trying to use technology to manage patient data in the way he thought it should and realized that there weren’t. At this point, the took the problem into his own hands and set about creating a solution.

Eric Lefkofsky is very familiar with disruptive technology and how it changes whole industries. His venture fund Lightbank funds startups who are developing disruptive technologies that he thinks could potentially change the world. Lightbank provides much of the funding for Tempus and their efforts to change cancer care and eventually healthcare in general.

Solutions are the most important things to focus on rather than ideas according to Eric Lefkofsky. While people can come up with ideas, if there is no problem that it solves it likely will not be a success. He has been involved with the creation of multiple companies throughout his lifetime and each of them was designed to solve a problem that he believed needed to be addressed. He thinks about these potential solutions throughout the day even when he’s not at work. The ideas that he comes up with will consume such a large part of his life that he feels compelled to make his ideas a reality.

Equities First Holdings Is Happily Filling A Critical Gap In The Lending Industry:

Equities First Holdings is an innovative lending firm that has worked diligently to become the number one outfit working in the exciting sector of lending of securities. During this current day and age, it is an increasingly common trend for lending institutions such as banks to make their criteria for lending money increasingly tight. Equities First Holdings is taking a truly innovative approach that takes the opposite track. The firm is happily stretching its arms out to consumers who need loans. In order to facilitate this kind of lending service, Equities First Holdings is making massive strides in the area of offering loans based on the borrower’s stocks.

Equities First Holdings is the brainchild of forward thinking financial industry mind Al Christy, Jr. who serves proudly as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. He has made the bold and innovative call that fill a crucial gap in the lending industry and offer clients the opportunity to get the loans they need through the collateral of their stock assets. Click here

The SteelSeries Ecstatic with Results of NewsWatch TV Distribution

The SteelSeries Ecstatic with results of NewsWatch Tv Distribution

International gaming gear company, SteelSeries, recently added to NewsWatch Tv’s list of client successes.

SteelSeries came to NewsWatch TV in order to promote their gaming and electronic products to a much wider demographic. In addition, SteelSeries looked for video material that they could continue utilizing in future marketing efforts.

What SteelSeries got was all that they wanted and more. After SteelSeries worked with the established media outlet, NewsWatch TV, their products reached 95 million households within the United States.

“We saw awesome distribution, it was really helpful!” said senior Director of Marketing at SteelSeries, Tori Pugliese. SteelSeries cited NewsWatch Tv’s solid understanding of PR as one of the biggest benefits of working with them.

SteelSeries was also extremely satisfied with the production of NewsWatch TV for future campaigns. “We were able to repurpose it, and use it on other channels,” said Tori Pugliese. Not only was NewsWatch Tv able to distribute SteelSeries effectively, but they gave them lasting value through solid production.

NewsWatch Tv is one of the most trusted source for news covering all topics. Beginning in 1990, the reputable TV outlet recently celebrated the 1000th release of their original productions.

Quickly becoming the best news outlet for celebrity interviews, NewsWatch TV gives a fantastic platform for celebrities to promote important causes they support. With huge names such as Denzel Washington and Mila Kunis, it’s easy to see how NewsWatch Tv has become the top notch source for celebrity news.

Located in the heart of American news, in the Washington, DC area, NewsWatch TV has reached over 700 million people in it’s 25 years of existence. The series has gained testimonials from important celebrities and companies, proving it’s solid reputation as a premier news outlet.