Anthony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries Into the Future

Being a captain of industry is not as easy as it looks. Many fail miserably at it while others make it look easy. Anthony Petrello has had a knack for the latter. It is a testament to the 62-year-old CEOs natural brilliance. When Nabors Industries hired Mr. Petrello to be their COO back in 1991, they knew they were highering a polished Harvard educated corporate lawyer from Baker & Mckenzie, a top law firm. However, no one could forecast the impact a genius would have on the fortunes of the company. Mr. Petrello was a math whiz who made his way to Yale University. There he earned a BS and later an MS in mathematics. The nexus seemed to be a Ph.D., but Anthony Petrello had other plans. Instead, he chose a career in law. His next stop was Harvard Law School where he achieved his JD.

That set him on the corporate path ultimately leading to the boardroom at Nabors Industries. His intellectual prowess extended beyond numbers and mathematical equations. He proved himself a proficient corporate lawyer and an equally adept executive.Nabors Industries is the most substantial land-based driller for oil and natural gas in the world. The company has no less than 500 rigs working in 25 countries. Since becoming the company’s CEO in 2011, Mr. Petrello has begun strategic initiatives which have impacted the bottom line. These initiatives have called for the more significant implementation of technology. That has led to enhancements in safety, productivity, and profitability. Today Nabors is known for its high-efficiency drilling operations.

As a result of Anthony Petrello’s stewardship, Nabors Industries is an $8 billion corporation, with 15,000 employees around the world. The company’s shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange, and Nabors Industries is part of the S&P 500 Index. The index of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the United States.For his leadership and results as the top employee, Mr. Petrello has been well rewarded. In 2015 he earned $27,512,939 in total compensation as CEO of Nabors Industries. In fact, he would have been the top paid boss in America that year. However, the executive pay package was graciously adjusted to give more money back to the company’s shareholders. Genuine leadership is never greedy.

A Review Of Arthur Becker’s Success In Entrepreneurship

Arthur Becker is credited with the success of Madison Partners, a real estate company. When asked what the future holds for his business, Becker posited that he was planning to put some townhouses for lease. Becker was optimistic that someone would come along and purchase one of the houses. He says that he is excited to see what average persons have to say about the quality and design of his townhouses.

Arthur posits that he has derives different satisfactions in business. However, his most satisfying moment was the reward that he received from his first private investment. He regards the reward as his initial success in business.

When asked about the books that inspire him, Arthur said that he loves reading literature materials that focus on the real estate business. He posits that such books enhance his knowledge, which he utilizes to expand his business. In addition, he zeroes in on articles and magazines that talk about designs and trends. He contends that people seeking to start their own businesses should also take time to read marketing and technological books. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

When Arthur Becker was questioned on his most recent purchase that helped his business to grow, he said that he had bought a few, including his investment properties. He contends that his immediate plan is to transform his investment properties into beautiful townhouses that people can purchase or lease. Even though they are investments, they will help his business to grow, thus making them the best purchases. In addition, he urges entrepreneurs to enhance their marketing strategies by investing in promotional pens and shirts, business cards and billboards. Becker says that the use of referrals is a great way of marketing one’s products, but advises entrepreneurs to develop world-class brands.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a respected entrepreneur. He is Zinio’s chief executive officer. In addition, he was an adviser for Vera Wang Fashion Company. While he was working for NaviSite, he enhanced the company’s investment in the technology industry.

During his tenure in both Zinio and NaviSite, Arthur zeroed in on the technology and real estate industries. When NaviSite was sold in 2011, Becker decided to expand his real estate business by investing in Florida and New York City. Check out the website;

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According to Marc Sparks Non-Traditional Thinking and Passion are Both Essential for Success

There are not many Entrepreneurs, who also define themselves as a philosopher, but Marc Sparks not only defines himself as one; he delivers the results.


A philosopher shapes by asking questions most people dare to ask and providing the answers, or solution. Marc goes beyond the depth of the answer and gets to the root of understanding why a question is asked in the first place. Marc is an extremely passionate person. He has a vigorous appetite for life and having an abundant existence.


Marc is the Author of “They Can’t Eat You”, written in 2014 and a top selling self-improvement book. Marc challenges the mentality of people’s understanding, for success. A core message of the book is there are not any written rules, for success. Marc says that in order to become successful people need to go beyond the traditional way of thinking and the way they’ve been taught since high school. In Marc’s philosophy people can create their own path to success. He says that going to school is not the only way to success.


Marc grew up in Dallas, Texas as an average student and began startups before startups were even defined. From successes, to setbacks, Marc continued on a path which he was destined to live. He has been humorously categorized as the “serial entrepreneur”. Most people who don’t succeed after their first try in business fail to get back up. Marc defies that principle, by getting back up over a dozen times after businesses never reached their full potential. With a fearless attitude, that he lightheartedly calls sometimes scary, Marc has built an enterprise on pure passion, for reaching all that life has to offer him and that much more.


Currently Marc maintains a sensible amount of companies within his portfolio which are operated by his company, Timber Creek Capital, LP. The company specializes in helping people achieve their life-long dreams. An Entrepreneur who has a passion, for being successful and a driven attitude can go a long way when paring with Timber Creek Capital, LP. They’re provided with all business essentials, such as capital, office space, marketing, networking and web development, and much more, in order to become successful. The primary qualifications are passion and non-traditional thinking.


Marc has a firm foundation in a religious belief and says that he knows without the grace of God, he would not have survived his trials and tribulations throughout life. Marc says “God gives us challenges and devastating circumstances so we understand the responsibilities that come with success and to keep us humble.”


Marc has gained the interest of many followers to create an abundance of life, for their business dealings and their personal fulfillment. He has successfully broadened the views of people to develop their opportunities and life on their terms.



Thor Halvorssen and His Passion for Human Right Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a crusader of human rights who discovered this calling in late 1993. Since then, he has been the voice of many social issues affecting society among them human trafficking or slavery, threats to democracy, and dictatorships.

A call to activism

Thor didn’t always know he would end up in a career of activism. However, he is a definite chip off the old block when compared to his father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum. His father was one of the lead investigators of the Venezuelan Medellin Cartel run by Pablo Escobar. The following events of this investigation are what changed Thor Halvorssen’s life forever.

When his father was wrongfully accused and convicted, for the same investigation he was carrying out, Thor was the one to save him. In 1993, he led a mass campaign that protested the brutal treatment his father received in prison, and sequentially for his release. Even after his father’s successful release, Thor went on to become a full time advocate of human rights.

Thor Halvorssen has pioneered a number of human rights organizations that partner with political figures and government officials who are also aligned to his course. One of these organizations is Oslo Freedom Forum which has succeeded in many of its projects organized all over the world. Thor also founded the Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York.

Through these organizations, Thor constantly launches awareness campaigns highlighting the oppressions people suffer under the rule of a socialist government. He has fought slavery laws all over the world including China. The Oslo Freedom Foundation organizes several transformative conferences that see many prominent individuals in attendance among them fellow human rights advocates, activities, world leaders and technology entrepreneurs.

Thor’s passion has also molded him into a seasoned film producer that center on the same subject of human right awareness and activism. He is also the founder of the Moving Picture Institute which has helped him produce three films already: Freedom’s Fury, Hammer & Tickler and The Sugar Babies.

Bottom Line

Thor Halvorssen’s passion for the rights of every human has seen him receive a number of accolades. One of these achievements is the 2010 medal he received for his activism during a Romanian anniversary for the celebration of their liberation from a Soviet-like dictatorial government.


The Successs of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a unique individual who is not only known to own a large business that helps others find information in various as well as complex industries, but Bruce Levenson is also an individual who holds tradition very close to heart and works hard to make sure that his traditional family values are used in every business step that he makes. According to Wikipedia, Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman and is most noted for his success as the co-owner as well as the co-founder of the United Communications Group, a company that has worked hard to provide information to those that are lacking it. This information is within any industry including the oil industry or even within the healthcare industry. As the success of the United Communications Group grew, Bruce Levenson has continued to not only maintain his family values, but has also used the money that he has made in order to help others; especially within the DC area.

In recent news, Bruce Levenson has made news by specifically suing one insurance company in particular due to their lack of decorum as a business that is supposed to help others in need. The specific settlement will be made due to a breach in contract that Bruce Levenson and his advisors were able to point out. Bruce Levenson is making sure that no other individual that is a part of this insurance company will suffer and that they will receive payment in full for any lying or mistreatment that has occurred. With over 40 years of experience within the world of business, Bruce Levenson is proud of what he has accomplished already and wants other individuals around the world to other benefit from the success that he has accumulated. Bruce Levenson has many plans for the future of his company and for philanthropy, read more on PR Newswire .


How Nathaniel Ru is Promoting Healthy Living


Most Georgetown students are familiar with Sweetgreen. The product is mostly used as a quick snack in between classes, or a post-workout snack. It’s quite surprisingly that the only people who had an idea about Sweetgreen six years ago were its founders Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet, and Nathaniel Ru. The trio wanted to come up with an affordable but healthy food product that would benefit Georgetown students. Interestingly, the three were bonded by their love for healthy food.


After laying out their vision, Ru and his team came up with a business plan. However, a major setback presented itself in the form of their relative inexperience in the food industry. In as much as all of them had entrepreneur parents, none of them had the know-how about building a successful business. This was a blessing in disguise since they developed a unique ability to approach every problem that they faced with a fresh batch of ideas. This has been the backbone of the success that Sweetgreen has had since it was released to the mainstream market.


Starting out in a 500 square feet space on M Street, the business has grown rapidly. The limited resources that the trio had forced each of them to think creatively. From the beginning, they have focused on sustainability, and the use of high quality ingredients. The invaluable advice that they received from other entrepreneurs, and members of the Georgetown faculty, helped Sweetgreen to gain market prominence. The three have learnt invaluable lessons about the importance of running a business that is value-driven. This has helped them to understand the community’s influence on a brand.


About Nathaniel Ru


As an undergraduate student at Georgetown University, Nathaniel had no idea that he would be one of the most recognizable American entrepreneurs. Together with Jammet and Neman, they have built Sweetgreen from scratch into a multimillion dollar company. The success that Sweetgreen has experienced is owed to the discipline, vision, and flexibility of the founders.


Ru has helped Sweetgreen grow into one of the most profitable startups. The salad chain has experienced explosive growth. The Washington-based firm sources its products from farms. Starting out with a single shop at Georgetown, it currently has 31 locations throughout the US. Plans are in the pipeline to open a further 9 outlets by the end of 2016. Ru and his co-founders have roped in several investors, who have pumped more than 95 million dollars into the startup. Such funds will enable Sweetgreen to continue providing healthy culinary options.


Whiteshark Media Can Increase the Effectiveness Of Your Adwords Campaign

There are numerous ways to advertise a business today. Many of them are surprisingly cost effective. No longer does one have to rely on traditional print advertising mediums where the return on investment is notoriously low.

Such advertisements are forced by their nature to target the masses in hopes that the message will eventually make its way into the hands of the target consumer. With online advertising, however, the guesswork of determining to cost effectively get a message to a particular demographic group is largely taken out of the equation.

White Shark Media Review has become an industry leading digital marketing specialist. They understand the importance of targeting a message directly to its intended audience, and they can deliver results to this end. One of the more effective techniques they employ today is based upon the Adwords concept.

Developed by Google, this is a way of targeting advertisements directly to individual Internet users who are currently searching for a particular product or service. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

As opposed to paying for an advertisement to pop up to the masses whenever they are online, Adwords allows organizations to only pay for those messages that reach the very individuals that the product or service targets. This is a much more cost-effective method of advertising.

Many people have an Adwords campaign, but to varying degrees of effectiveness. To that end, White Shark Media offers a free evaluation to determine how to get the most out of a companies existing digital marketing campaign.

It is important to maximize marketing dollars today in order to attract new customers into the mix by encouraging unique visitors to navigate to an online site where they can be enticed by the products and services being offered.

As a part of their commitment to customer service, White Shark Media has also been working on addressing some complaints that they have received from valued customers. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

This has enabled them to further refine their own product offerings and ensure that they are offering only the best in terms of their own marketing campaign. This has evolved into a more individualized approach to each client, when a specific White Shark representative is assigned to each individual company and campaign.

This has effectively ensured that questions and comments are addressed quickly and efficiently. As the digital marketing world continues to evolve, White Shark Media has pledged to move and change right alongside it.

Coriant Continues To Be Top Cloud Company

As we go further into the 21st century, more and more companies are realizing just how important it is to conduct their business using technology like the cloud. Coriant is one of those firms that has managed to rise to the top of its field thanks to the services it offers, including OTN Switching and Cloud Connectivity. Despite being relatively young (founded in 2013) the firm had been a subsidiary of Nokia Siemens but now operates all on its own.

The company sells hardware and software that allows for its customers to get the very best technology when it comes to connecting with the cloud and other tech choices that allow companies to carry out their own customers’ needs. Among the other products this companies offers are fiber optics equipment and other tools that will allow people to communicate that much better with other firms as well as their customers.

One of the reasons the firm has managed to have so much success in the last few years is because it has found strong leadership in the form of Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive who is well versed in everything that is needed to bring real success to a business in the tech world. Born in London in the heart of the UK, the exec grew up in Iran but soon found himself moving to the United States when he realized that his future was in the business world.

The executive really cut his teeth in the tech world when he took on a position with Verizon where he served as the president of that firms’ e-business division. It’s here where Shaygan Kheradpir is widely credited as helping the company better diversify the projects that firm was working on when it came to branching out past the cellular telephone world. After moving from one successful stint to another over the next 12 years. Shaygan Kheradpir finally found a home that he appears to be staying at for a while now.

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