Dr. Mark Mofid: The Best Of The Best

You may be wondering, who is Mark Mofid? You may even have heard of his name in the world of plastic surgery or in other related press.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon based out of the Greater San Diego area. Besides having his own practice, he is also known as a staff surgeon at numerous hospitals in the San Diego area.

He is board-certified in his area to practice plastic surgery and he is known locally and nationally for his cutting-edge techniques. Dr. Mofid specializes mainly in the plastic surgery and augmentation of the face, breasts, skin, body, and buttocks. In fact, he recently was interviewed by Plastic Surgery Practice for an article about the safety and techniques of buttock implants.

In the article, Dr. Mofid says, “The first step is to believe that buttocks implants when well done, have an amazingly low rate of complications and wonderful results”.

Even though buttock implants and other forms of plastic surgery have become very popular in America in this day and age, Dr. Mark Mofid sticks to his ethics and uses only the safest, best-proven techniques to complete the surgeries from start to finish. He has been praised publicly for his methods and even owns his own practice that serves patients in the San Diego and La Jolla areas. His goal is to perform these procedures to achieve a natural-looking effect. He also is heavily involved in providing reconstructive procedures to patients who may have endured life and body-altering trauma.

Dr. Mark Mofid attended school at the prestigious Harvard University.

Harvard was only where he received his undergraduate degree. He finished medical school and then had a wonderfully educational fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Currently, he serves as a clinical faculty member of the University of California.

According to Marc Sparks Non-Traditional Thinking and Passion are Both Essential for Success

There are not many Entrepreneurs, who also define themselves as a philosopher, but Marc Sparks not only defines himself as one; he delivers the results.


A philosopher shapes by asking questions most people dare to ask and providing the answers, or solution. Marc goes beyond the depth of the answer and gets to the root of understanding why a question is asked in the first place. Marc is an extremely passionate person. He has a vigorous appetite for life and having an abundant existence.


Marc is the Author of “They Can’t Eat You”, written in 2014 and a top selling self-improvement book. Marc challenges the mentality of people’s understanding, for success. A core message of the book is there are not any written rules, for success. Marc says that in order to become successful people need to go beyond the traditional way of thinking and the way they’ve been taught since high school. In Marc’s philosophy people can create their own path to success. He says that going to school is not the only way to success.


Marc grew up in Dallas, Texas as an average student and began startups before startups were even defined. From successes, to setbacks, Marc continued on a path which he was destined to live. He has been humorously categorized as the “serial entrepreneur”. Most people who don’t succeed after their first try in business fail to get back up. Marc defies that principle, by getting back up over a dozen times after businesses never reached their full potential. With a fearless attitude, that he lightheartedly calls sometimes scary, Marc has built an enterprise on pure passion, for reaching all that life has to offer him and that much more.


Currently Marc maintains a sensible amount of companies within his portfolio which are operated by his company, Timber Creek Capital, LP. The company specializes in helping people achieve their life-long dreams. An Entrepreneur who has a passion, for being successful and a driven attitude can go a long way when paring with Timber Creek Capital, LP. They’re provided with all business essentials, such as capital, office space, marketing, networking and web development, and much more, in order to become successful. The primary qualifications are passion and non-traditional thinking.


Marc has a firm foundation in a religious belief and says that he knows without the grace of God, he would not have survived his trials and tribulations throughout life. Marc says “God gives us challenges and devastating circumstances so we understand the responsibilities that come with success and to keep us humble.”


Marc has gained the interest of many followers to create an abundance of life, for their business dealings and their personal fulfillment. He has successfully broadened the views of people to develop their opportunities and life on their terms.



Mike Baur, Successful Swiss Based Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who can count successes in the field. At the moment, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Swiss Startup Factory, and he is also the founder of the company which was launched in the year 2014. The company, which is now successful in mentoring and guiding young entrepreneurs, is unique and many young aspiring entrepreneurs have benefited from its teachings.


The Swiss Startup Factory is tasked with a variety of functions among them mentoring, coaching and proving financial support to the selected potential entrepreneurs. Mike Baur has been successful in the sector because he entered the industry way back when he was a teenager. Before coming with the idea, the entrepreneur was investing in business startups and enjoying huge getting profits. The exposure he got from working with many businesses and companies is what is making him succeed in the banking and financial sector.


Mike Baur has invested in numerous firms in the banking industry in particular before moving on to start the Swiss Startup Factory. He has been in the industry for some years, and he has been evaluating a variety of businesses and the chances of such companies becoming successful. Mike used the broad knowledge he had acquired and started many undertakings which were all successful. This is why he has been able to come with the idea of Swiss Startup Factory.


After he had begun his career in the banking and financial sector, Mike Baur worked as a professional in the area. He has amassed experience having worked with many businesses and organizations and making them succeed under his watch. He understood the world of business and used his talent to the benefit of numerous corporations. Many entrepreneurs found him helpful, and they worked with him closely. He mostly funded companies after evaluating their ideas and seeing they can succeed in their business endeavors.


Mike used his expertise to advice entrepreneurs who approached him, and as a result, he has helped many companies to achieve their goals. Since Mike Baur worked in the banking sector and also tried a hand in investing in startups, he gained experience and later developed a unique businesses model that has not been developed before. The company he started not only benefits him, but it also helps many entrepreneurs who are now thriving because of the support and guidance they get from Mike Baur.


He has worked hard to shape the banking and financial sector and to mentor young people.



You Probably Do Not Know This But QNET Has Been Participating In Charity For A Long Time

Recently QNET showed its support to the Chennai flood victims at IIFA Utsavam, by giving a generous donation to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, that will go a long way in helping them. The donation which was given out was brought forward under QNET India’s CSR initiative QNET – WE CARE. The donation was made before Mr. T Srinivas Yadav, Minister for Commercial Taxes and Cinematography for the State of Telanganal during a Be1forChennai’ themed awards function.

The IIFA Utsavam is an awards ceremony sponsored by the IFFA stable in honour South Indian Film talent, and this was its first celebration. This award brings together both young and the veterans in the Indian film industry in celebration. This Hyderabad edition of the awards was dedicated to the Chennai flood relief support collection. The awards received a large support of the artists in the South Indian film industry. QNET graced the event as an associate sponsor.

The QNET – WE CARE, is a QNET in India CSR initiative, that that seeks to help the less privileged members of society. Its efforts are directed towards providing quality health services to the sick and offering support to the victims of natural disasters so that they can have an easy aftermath. Before the IIFA Utsavam donation, this initiative partnered with Lions Dist. 317 F Service Foundation to give out basic household relief kits to over 200 families at Meenambakkam, Chennai, who had been affected by the floods.

QNET India CSR initiative also supports the physically challenged through engaging them in sports. It has so far partnered with a number of NGOs to run its philanthropic initiatives. This initiative also goes ahead to seek the active involvement of QNET in their philanthropic work. It has also managed to go international in its course; it has helped many homeless, and destitute people access a better life in different countries under its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in this countries.

Join us in wishing our cool boss, amazing leader, caring brother, brilliant strategist, friend in need, shoulder to cry…

Posted by QNET (Official) on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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