OSI Industries Began Its Run Of Success In The Early 1900s

OSI Industries began its run of success in the early 1900s. Otto Kolschowsky came to the United States from Germany with a dream of building his own company. He began the journey in the Chicago area. Otto worked slowly to develop relationships and establish his company within the local community. By 1928 the family-owned business known as Otto and Sons had spread out to include a new facility in another suburb of Chicago.

Otto and Sons would go on to build a working relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation. This came about in the 1950s when Ray Kroc was looking to move his empire into the Illinois area. Ray Kroc had founded the franchise business model in the United States and it was quickly taking hold in the fast food industry. The McDonald’s Corporation chose Otto and Sons to be there provider of meat within the area. The business was being led by Arthur and Harry who were the descendants of the original founder. The local family-owned company was about to experience a tremendous explosion of growth.

Otto and Sons rose to the occasion for the McDonald’s Corporation by bringing new innovation to the food manufacturing industry. They introduced cutting-edge technology such as a meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. These tools revolutionized the fast food business by making products ready-made for the restaurants and easy to store large amounts.

In 1975 Otto and Sons became known as OSI Industries. The company was nearly seven decades old and had grown to an international level. OSI continued to change and evolve while the original owners were heading into retirement. Sheldon Lavin had been a longtime consultant with the organization and was prepared to guide the it to future success.

OSI Industries solidified its place in the food manufacturing industry by building a state-of-the-art meat processing plant in 1973. The plant was originally envisioned in order to support the tremendous demand put on the organization by the McDonald’s Corporation. The new factory would spark another level of growth around the United States. OSI Industries also began to spread in other areas of the world such as Brazil, Mexico, Hungary Poland and the Pacific Rim.

OSI Industries is an award-winning organization for its meticulous processes and attention to detail. It was given the Globe of Honor award by the British Safety Council in 2016. OSI is also the 58th largest privately owned company in the United States according to Forbes Magazine. This was announced in 2016. OSI is a believer in growth in order to provide the best product to his clients.

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Alex Hern and a Tireless Attitude

Alex hernAlex Hern’s entrepreneurial efforts have been going on for a minimum of a quarter of a century. He’s put a lot of care into up-and-coming firms, too. He’s zeroed in heavily on technology businesses of many varieties. He worked as Yesmail’s director. He co-founded it, too. He has seemingly countless other company credits on his list. Alex Hern at the moment is Tsunami XR’s Chief Executive Officer.

Tsunami XR was a concept that showed up inside of Hern’s brain one day. Hern had an epiphany at one point. That epiphany revolved around the value of fresh software platforms and applications. Hern pinpointed components that can advance mobile devices, tablets and personal computers (PCs).

Alex Hern devotes between four and five hours daily to pondering approaches that can benefit his business. He strives to come up with methods that can be beneficial for accomplishing all kinds of pertinent objectives. Alex Hern isn’t the kind of person who likes handling numerous duties at the same exact time. He thinks that zeroing in on single concepts can be favorable for outcomes.

He’s a big fan of the silence the evening has to offer him. He likes thinking about work while the majority of others catch their zzzs. The evening is a wonderful opportunity for him for many reasons. He doesn’t encounter many setbacks in the nighttime.

Hern has a lot of zeal that pertains to both machine learning and AI or “Artificial Intelligence.” He’s a masterful entrepreneur for one major reason as well. It’s due to the fact that he knows how to rid his mind of all unnecessary thoughts. He’s not someone who ever forgets his aspirations at the end of the day. Hern is not someone who ever rises late in the day, either. He adores predictable day-to-day regimens and always has.

10 Innovative Strategy Sectors Paul Saunders introduced to James River Capital

Well, when it comes to investment, choosing the right investment company can lead to a burnout on its own. Getting someone to manage your funds can be a thing of long deliberation and many a time has proven unsuccessful. Investors are as must as be called your employees and you must pay attention to them because when they are happy you are also happy. Some things that Paul Saunders have been able to achieve is to help them achieve their set objective, be honest with every aspect of their agreement, suggest other form of activities that can help with a better mood swing, help them to build confidence and trust in their activities and set out limits they would want to reach for the day to help them move on.


James River Capital Coop is a privately owned company that offers genuine investment advice to the general public. Started by Paul H. Saunders, the company has a lot of strategic sectors that are occupied by well learned and experienced personnel in the field to make sure that all loopholes are covered some of which include Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


  1. Convertible Arbitrage- this has everything to do with stock long and short positions. Here they help you to pick a better term when it comes to how much profit you will be making of holding or letting go of stock in the market.
  2. Corporate Credit- this deals with how much loans you can be able to assess and repay within a given period of time. Making sure customers do not go into the wrong deal


  1. Distressed Credit- give you standard advice on distress properties so that you do not buy what will end up being worthless
  2. Equity Strategies- this is the best type of securities to invest it. And with proper coaching by the James River Capital Coop, be sure you are at the right place.
  3. Event Driven Strategies- this can be taken advantage of a onetime deal that is usually difficult to come by. This can be in the stock market or even with individual
  4. Fixed income Arbitrage- this usually shows you when to take advantage of price inefficiency in the stock market.
  5. Asset-backed Securities- just like it is said securities backed by the asset are the best to invest in. Here, either way, you do not lose out
  6. Managed Futures Trading- this is one trading aspect that one really needs an investment company for. Here you are advised on how to manage your future investment to enable you to maximise profits and minimise losses.
  7. Global Macroeconomic Strategies- this deals with the global trade in relation to the client’s investment. So whatever is happening in the global market affects all forms of investment locally.
  8. Multi-Strategy Investing- this helps one to consider all forms of assets they might have invested in, so when anyone is no longer looking promising, you can get the best advice on how to handle it.


Paul Saunders strategies have been one of the best in investment policies and James Rivers Capital has got it all.


Steve Ritchie’s Smart Strategies to Uplift Papa John’s Pizza

After a sudden fall of the Papa John’s Pizza Company (ir.papajohns.com), Steve Ritchie was appointed the new CEO. The move was aimed at looking for ways to help the struggling firm to regain its lost glory. Steve Ritchie made it clear to their customers that the act of racism and use of discriminative language will not be given room in their company.

The firm has 120,000 staff members from all over the world. The members work hard to give customers better services. Besides, the workers strive to produce the best pizza tailored to customer’s expectation to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Steve Ritchie in his apology letter made it clear that for them to meet their long-term objectives, then they should acquire knowledgeable auditors from outside the firm to audit their culture and how they have diversified their staffs and the different roles they play. This would enable the firm to identify its strengths and weaknesses to set clear goals and how they will deal with their weak points.

In his letter, Steve Ritchie also promised that the management department would lend an ear to claims of customers and employees. He said that for them to move a step ahead, listening to views of their employees should be taken into consideration and giving them positive feedback in time. Besides, he gave an assurance to the customers that their company will be transparent and if anything happens, then they will be held accountable.

In a letter he directed to customers, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns explained how his team members were humbled to have an opportunity to serve their clients. He also asked them to continue giving them a chance to extend their services. The CEO discussed that the latest letter shed more light since the first one had left out two key ingredients such as the sense of compassion and a point of apology.

To regain that trust from customers, Steve Ritchie promised to work hard. However, he knew an uphill task awaits him.

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Eric Lefkofsky On Tempus And Making Ideas Come To Life

When people think about changes in how cancer is treated, they might immediately begin to think about radiation and medication. Tempus is looking to change how it is treated by changing how it is documented. Co-founded by the Eric Lefkofsky who also co-founded the e-commerce giant Groupon, Tempus has plans to disrupt the healthcare industry by using data in order to allow doctors to find the best treatment methods for patients based on their biology and specific aspects of their disease.

Prior to Tempus, data was not being implemented in a way that Eric Lefkofsky thought was truly effective. While technology had changed many other industries, he believed that the healthcare industry was not keeping up with the times as much as they could be. He came to this conclusion after watching someone he cared about go through treatment for cancer. He set out to see if there were any companies trying to use technology to manage patient data in the way he thought it should and realized that there weren’t. At this point, the took the problem into his own hands and set about creating a solution.

Eric Lefkofsky is very familiar with disruptive technology and how it changes whole industries. His venture fund Lightbank funds startups who are developing disruptive technologies that he thinks could potentially change the world. Lightbank provides much of the funding for Tempus and their efforts to change cancer care and eventually healthcare in general.

Solutions are the most important things to focus on rather than ideas according to Eric Lefkofsky. While people can come up with ideas, if there is no problem that it solves it likely will not be a success. He has been involved with the creation of multiple companies throughout his lifetime and each of them was designed to solve a problem that he believed needed to be addressed. He thinks about these potential solutions throughout the day even when he’s not at work. The ideas that he comes up with will consume such a large part of his life that he feels compelled to make his ideas a reality.

Equities First Holdings Is Happily Filling A Critical Gap In The Lending Industry:

Equities First Holdings is an innovative lending firm that has worked diligently to become the number one outfit working in the exciting sector of lending of securities. During this current day and age, it is an increasingly common trend for lending institutions such as banks to make their criteria for lending money increasingly tight. Equities First Holdings is taking a truly innovative approach that takes the opposite track. The firm is happily stretching its arms out to consumers who need loans. In order to facilitate this kind of lending service, Equities First Holdings is making massive strides in the area of offering loans based on the borrower’s stocks.

Equities First Holdings is the brainchild of forward thinking financial industry mind Al Christy, Jr. who serves proudly as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. He has made the bold and innovative call that fill a crucial gap in the lending industry and offer clients the opportunity to get the loans they need through the collateral of their stock assets. Click here

Victoria Doramus’ Contribution To The Digital And Print Media And Society

Victoria Doramus has more than ten years’ experience in the digital and print media sector. Victoria Doramus earned a degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado. She has been part of organizations like the Stila Cosmetics, Trendera, Creative Arts Agency, and the MindShare where she was working on advertisement and branding. She has immense experience in the film industry and television that provided room for her to get more knowledge and spotting new marketing methods that are creative and effective in the market.

Victoria Doramus believes that her habit of preparing a to-do list keeps her going despite the existence of a mobile Application that can help in preparation and planning. She notes that believing in one’s self and having confidence in oneself is what will make everything work in life.

Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) like any other successful person has experienced downtimes. She has had many failures, but she believes that the best part is to take responsibility and stand right up and overcoming the obstacles. Victoria believes that the introduction of mobile apps has made life easier in improving productivity. Her favorite Apps in NYC are Cavier and Postmates that helps in doing business at any hour of the day.

Despite being active in marketing, Victoria Doramus also loves reading. She reads addiction recovery literature and non-fiction memory books. She has a strong affinity to redemption and recommends Beautiful Boy written by David Sef. She believes that for any situation in life, “if you spot it you got it.” She watches her diet as well using a mobile App- My Fitness Pal.

Despite her active role in the marketing sector, Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist and active in charity work. She has a special dedication to charity works including the Room Read, Women’s Prison Association, Amy Winehouse Foundation, and the Best animal Society. The recovery expert believes that helping others is as important as helping oneself and gives the same satisfaction to others. She has worked towards achieving her goal of helping others achieve their goals in life and their career.

GoBuyside Connects Recruiters with Applicants Globally

As technology continues to evolve, job searches are getting more accessible with a global reach. There are many recruitment and outsourcing agencies that can connect you with an employer anywhere in the world. A good example is GoBuyside. GoBuyside is an enrollment platform that works with hedge funds, advisory platforms, private equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, and other investment managers across a wide range of mandates and geographies. More than 500 clients assign their human capital needs to GoBuyside and their talent network that spreads to more than 500 cities globally and 10,000 firms.

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Background information

GoBuyside uses locational flexibilities to gather applicants who surpass the expectations of their companies. Although nationwide employing attracts more applicants, their screening procedure is what is converting members into hires. It also assembles candidate information from the different informational site such as Facebook and LinkedIn using cutting-edge software and programs. This is unlike in the past where applicants were the custodians of their personal information. Employers are now able to acquire a comprehensive view of the applicants they intend to hire in real time.

More information

Moreover, GoBuyside makes use of online job boards, artificial intelligence and applicant tracking systems to satisfy the ever-growing requirements of short-term employment. Project-oriented positions need applicants who are skilled in the kind of work that is involved in projects. Although such roles automatically need more hiring, they offer applicants the flexibility to follow the peripheries of their abilities and talents. GoBuyside has an unparalleled competitive advantage in not only screening top-tier candidates and sourcing them.

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The companies and firms that GoBuyside works with are not the only benefitting from this modern approach of hiring. Applicants are also getting connected to firms all over the globe. Applicants can maintain full control over their employment search since there are no headhunters. Furthermore, recruits also get actionable data about the companies they apply with as well.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a diversified private equity firm based in New York City. Established in 1998, the company is currently considered as among the most successful companies in the financial solutions industry. This was exemplified by the fact that in 2008, the company went public through an initial public offering becoming the first private equity company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. The company employees over 900 people directly and continues to grow.

Fortress Investment Group was founded by three principals including Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. The founders have a deep experience in the finance world having worked in senior positions at Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, UBS and BlackRock Financial Management Inc. when they were starting the company, their goal was creating a new investment company which would raise private equity and invest it into private companies for high returns.

The main areas of expertise that the company specializes in include operations management, asset-based investing, capital markets, corporate acquisitions and mergers, and sector-specific knowledge and information about institutions and companies. When the company began, its earliest investments were in such areas as the Toronto and New York City’s real estate industry. Eventually, it ventured into such areas as hedge funds and debt securities.

In the private equity sector, Fortress Investment Group is recognized for its success and innovation. This is best exemplified by the fact that in 2010 and 2011, Institutional Investor magazine named the company as the “Credit-Focused Fund of the Year”. It was also named the Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year in 2012 by the same magazine. HFMWeek named that company as the “Management Firm of the Year in 2014. This highlights the significance of the company in the private equity sector.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group controls over $43 billion of assets for more than 1750 investors in hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles, and private equity. According to the company, its strategy is to grow the investor’s wealth through “strong risk-adjusted returns strategy.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank Group Corporation of Japan. However, it continues to run its operations as an independent equity fund with its offices in New York. Edens, Briger and Nordone still continue to serve as principals. The company now has three main departments which are Permanent Capital Vehicles, Private Equity, and Credit. The Credit division is headed by Briger and has been in operation since 2002. It comprises of the Fortress Japan Opportunity Funds, Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund and the Drawbridge Special Opportunities. The private equity division is headed by Edens.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Helps to Guide Clients Through a Volatile 2018

The world of finance moves rapidly these days. A near infinite stream of information pours in and investors must often make decisions quickly. Mountains of wealth can move in a short period of time and it is the ability to sift through information that will make the difference.

Data analysis is more important than ever. HCR Wealth Advisors, based out of Los Angeles, California, has years of experience sifting through the sea of financial information. The wealth advisory firm says there is a reason to be optimistic about 2018 but to expect increased volatility.

2018 comes off the heels of a very good 2017 for the world of finance. Every month of 2017 showed a positive return across the S&P 500. In fact, the return on the S&P 500 was 21.7% between the market’s opening on January 3 and the market’s close on December 29.

But HCR Wealth Advisors knows that a stable year is often followed by a more volatile year. Geopolitical turmoil is one of the factors driving the volatility of the 2018 stock market. The market has seen 400-point swings and showing signs that it could be the bumpiest year since 2008.

Investors can take advantage of volatile markets. There are a variety of tools that can help capitalize on the market’s swings. That’s why it can be important to get personalized investment strategies for your portfolio.

That’s exactly what HCR Wealth Advisors has been doing for years. The SEC-registered investment advisory firm gets to know their clients on a personal level in order to understand personal needs. This helps the investment firm to develop a personalized strategy that can help you mitigate risk while taking advantage of 2018’s volatility.

The firm endeavors to work with families for the long term. Many clients have stuck with HCR Wealth Advisors for more than 10 years because the firm empowers clients to manage their portfolios. HCR Wealth Advisors also prides itself on transparency and keeping their clients fully informed of all investment strategies. Each client is given a list of positive and negative points to different strategies. That’s why many clients are committed to staying with HCR Wealth Advisors for generations.

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