Rocketship Schools Allow Parents to Interview Teachers Before Hiring

Rocketship schools which have gained notorious attention nationwide for their high student scores from the opening year in 2007 and have since opened schools across the US despite being based and founded in California. The school also has a unique policy of allowing parents to help interview teachers and provide input on who should be hired to teach their children. If you think about it, it really does make sense. These parents are sending children to these schools to allow them to have some sort of say in the programs that go on there and who is doing the teaching only makes sense.

Preston Smith who is the CEO of the Rocketship schools believes this is not a rare phenomenon and that it should be common practice at all schools around the country. The school either has the teacher interviewed by 3-6 selected parents who undergo training to help do panel interviews on teachers and others hold “town hall” style meetings that allow many parents to meet teachers and ask questions of them before providing input on if they feel that teacher should be able to teach their child.

These meetings are only done once finalist candidates are selected for teaching roles.

This can work out well for everyone in several ways. The parents feel better knowing who will be working with their children and will be able to defy if this is where they want their children to go to learn. Sometimes, teachers can also get a feel if the parents and the population of the school are the right fit for them far as teaching will go. Everyone gets to know each other and that helps everyone understand what they are getting into in the first place.

One teacher has decided she is not ready for the high levels of interactions with the parents so she walks out and decides this job is not for her. It helped a teacher make a right choice. The feedback parents provide the school will also really help the school choose teachers that provide the students with the best education that align with their upbringing and family views than they would if parents were not involved in that process. Parents site loving this idea that the school allows them to decide who is going to interact with their children and to provide them with a sense of what their child will be learning and who their role models will be.