The RealReal Continues to Expand the Luxury Handbag Industry

The RealReal is a leading consignment business that specializes in luxury handbags and array of other specialty fashions. People are raving about the designer brands they carry and the easy shipping that they offer. Being the new buzz of the fashion industry keeps them focused and grounded with their recent success.

This online consignment shop is huge in fashion and they are trending for pretty good reasons. Julie Wainwright is the owner and founder of this unique boutique. She has decided with the help of her affiliates to expand her business. This is great news for the geographical regions that are supported by the work that she continually does for the community. She has raised over $175 million in revenue for her venture capital. Her stores as well as employees continue to increase in value. Sales are booming across the internet and customers are educating themselves on what the RealReal fashion is really about.

Some of the top handbags and accessories they carry are by Chanel, Gucci, and Birkin. A consumer should not have any problems finding the luxury bag of their dreams. Julie Wainwright has many years of experience in business. Her business even offers a class of authenticity sponsored by Birkin and managed by Claire DeBoer who is a hand bag specialist. Keeping in style and being on point in the beauty world is important. The RealReal is just the place to cater to your material fashion needs.

Men, women, and children can shop at the RealReal on any given day. Rolex watches are a big hit for men or just about anyone. For the ladies a fine purse or piece of jewelry will bring forth a winning smile. All specialty items can make a great gift for the entire family. With more than 30 gem specialist to verify and inspect on hand, you can be sure to enjoy your shopping experience.