Wear Lip Balm That Is Healthy And Inviting

The thing about cosmetics is that many which are known to be toxic yet have the most apparent effect. Some makeups clog pores and make your skin break out, but when you wear them they do what you want them to, how you want them to; so you keep damaging yourself even though you know better. That’s one reason parabens and petrolatum–known toxic substances–are still everywhere on the market today. But using that kind of stuff over the long haul can lead to rather dire physical and mental effects. Sometimes cosmetics are made with chemicals that can mess with your mental equilibrium. Other times they let toxic chemicals seep in your bloodstream which may later develop into something cancerous. All such negative side effects take so long to happen that most cosmetic companies can get away with allowing them. But does that mean you should put up with them?
Evolution of Smoothness, often abbreviated EOS, is an organization that produces cosmetics with healthy compounds. Their lip balms on Ulta include jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter. Said balms come in three main families. The first family has been designed for use anywhere, anytime. It’s called Active Protection. With a number of different delectable flavors, this lip balm will help users maintain their lips’ health without compromising it through parabens or petrolatum. The second family is Shimmer Smooth, which gives lips that almost-wet smooth look so tantalizing. Last but not least, Visibly Soft makes your lips look inviting and smooth, but yet professional.

Between these three different family lines, EOS lip balm also offers sticks and multipacks. As a final note, their lip balms come in little spherical applicators that are colored in fun shades and are equally fun to play with, recommending EOS lipĀ balm as festive cosmetic accoutrements. Check out Ulta.com for EOS lip balm products.

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