Doe Deere’s Career Dream

Doe Deere is the successful CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere is also living her dream. She longed for a business that would make an impact on the makeup world and deliver unique products to the customers that they could not find anywhere else. Well, that dream is now a reality. Doe Deere is the founder of a very innovative cosmetic line that is designed to bring out the creative side in the individual. Doe Deere is a vision to behold. She rocks pastel blue hair with style. Her ruby red lips smile back at you with confidence. Recently, Doe Deere stated that her new dream is to inform people that breaking traditional beauty rules is a wise choice.

Breaking Traditional Beauty Rules
Doe Deere has always been a bit of a rebel in her own way. People like to call her a rebel because she likes to establish her own rules to live by. Her makeup rules are easy to follow. She believes that people should just follow their own intuition. Often, their intuition is the best guide. If you think that bold colors look good on you, then go for it. Wear bold colors on eyes, lips, and your cheeks. Another rule that Doe Deere is happy to break concerns mixing too many colors. Doe Deere believes that you should get creative. It is super fun to jazz up your look with colors that make you feel good. Most people fear color. Doe Deere believes that you should embrace color. Don’t be afraid to explore your wild side. Mix several wild colors together and wear them with confidence. She believes a confident look is the key to wearing a combination of wild colors. This goes for makeup, clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

About Doe Deere
Her Lime Crime cosmetic line makes it possible for women to go beyond the ordinary and traditional. They are able to establish their own style with the makeup line’s bold and vibrant colors.

Doe Deere launched her successful makeup line back in 2008. Her idea was that an individual should experiment with their makeup and wear the look that fits their mood best.

Fashion Icon Doe Deere

As a fashion icon and industry expert, Doe Deere provides all of the advice that she has found to be the best for her own personal fashion journey. She does not believe in fashion rules and instead focuses on things that make her feel confident in the way that she dresses. She wants others to know that they do not have to follow fashion and that they can make their own way in the world of fashion by not following rules. Doe Deere has created an empire for herself through her makeup line and her fashion blog. She has made sure that girls and boys around the world are comfortable with the choices they make concerning your clothing, hair, and makeup decisions. There are many rules that she breaks, but there are a few favorites that she holds close to her heart when it comes to fashion.

Focusing on color choices is something that Doe Deere likes to do in her passion lies. She likes bold, neon colors that show off her personality, which is bright and colorful. She has often been criticized for her color choices is because they are sometimes too much for traditional fashion rules, but she wants people to know that they can wear any color is that they like as long as they feel confident.

One thing that Doe Deere likes to do that is not conventional is to wear socks with high heels. She thinks that they are cozy and that they make the outfit look more unique because it is something that you don’t often see in the fashion world.

Colorful hair was previously a no-no in the fashion world, but recently it has made a big splash. Despite colorful hair being more commonly accepted, many fashion experts still suggest that people where it was only neutral colors. Doe Deere throws this convention away because she thinks you can wear any color that you like with your colorful hair. Your hair color should not change the way that you dress and should not dictate the clothing choices that you have. If you like to wear colorful clothes with your colorful hair, you should be able to do so and remain confident about it.