One Reporter Tries Wen By Chaz Products For Her Audience

A hair care routine is something that many women swear by each day. Many women start the day with a shower where they wash, shampoo, condition and then blow dry their hair before running out the door to meet all of their daily obligations. The result can be that a woman often has a vast array of hair products in her own bathroom. She will often have a shampoo that she likes and then perhaps a condition she knows works and then some finishing products on hand for her needs. A woman may have as many ten different hair care products she uses each day.

Narrowing Down The Selection

Given this fact, it is not surprising that many women look for Amazon products that offer a combination of benefits. Using a product that allows her to have products that offer a shampoo as well as a conditioner and perhaps an additional benefit can be useful. This is what a reporter for Bustle Magazine recently found out when she decided it would be sensible for her to investigate a line of items that are on the Sephora cosmetics market at the present time. She shows such items can be perfect for the working woman.

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Multiple Products In One

As the reporter demonstrates to readers, WEN By Chaz has the ability to provide users with access to a product that can accomplish multiple goals at the same time. Women can reach out to Wen By Chaz and find it easy to avoid looking for many types of hair care products. Instead, they can use Wen By Chaz as their total hair care system. Using Wen By Chaz can help any busy woman relax because she has what she needs to make her hair look great on hand at all times in her very own house.

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Wengie Beauty: Pink Hair Strands at Coachella Music Festival

The music at Coachella was hot but the fashion and beauty was sizzling. Every year, famous people such as models and actors attend the event, so all eyes were on California during the Coachella music festival. Each person at the event wanted their particular look to be talked about, so every celebrity looked their best.

Pink hair strands brighten the face and add a great deal of fun to a fashion look. It is quite possible to get this look far more easily than it seems at first. One of the best ways to get pink hair strands is to get a small, thin, mascara-sized tube of hair color. Other colors are also available, with blue and purple being among the most popular. Simply select the strand of hair and color it with the brush applicator and wash it out with shampoo when you are done.

One person who has been rocking this trend for some time is Wengie, of YouTube fame with the Wonderful World of Wengie. She has the most subscribed Asian beauty channel in Australia. She often reveals hair tips and recommends hair products. She features beauty “hacks,” such as her popular video Get Bangs With No Extensions. Another important hair care video is Wengie’s, “Bleaching Asian or Dark Hair to Blonde.”

Wengie’s website features an irresistible array of beauty videos. She covers beauty including hair, skincare and makeup. She also has a wellness focus, wherein she offers weight loss encouragement.  Wengie also has a seven day healthy diet plan which includes the recipes. Finally, do not miss the highly coveted weekly giveaways which are usually beauty products.

To get cool-looking pink hair strands like the celebrities and models at Coachella subscribe to Wengie’s YouTube channels. They are called wengieofficial and LifeOfWengie. Visit her blog and leave a question, or ask it on her social media accounts. Beauty expert Wengie has Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Get hair tips about Coachella pink hair strands and more top beauty advice with Wengie.