Bruce Levenson And His Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group Want AIG To Honor Their Insurance Policy

Anyone that knows Bruce Levenson realizes that he usually gets what he wants. After all, having more than $500 million in the bank does come with a plethora of benefits. But insurance companies are used to dealing with big money customers. AIG, for example, has policies with 98 percent of the companies on the Fortune 500. AIG’s net worth is in the billions, so taking on millionaires is something the executives at AIG are accustomed to doing. But UCG Founder Bruce Levenson is no ordinary millionaire. Levenson is a respected business executive and philanthropist that has friends in high places. And if Levenson has to fight for what is right, he will use all the assets he has to win.

In a report by ESPN, AIG is discovering that fact now that the company has been served with a lawsuit initiated by Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group is suing the insurance company for not honoring the insurance policy the group had in place in 2015. The limits of liability of the policy are sufficient to pay the claim, but AIG doesn’t agree because the group sold the team in June 2015.

Taking on a giant insurance company doesn’t scare Levenson. Bruce is an experienced negotiator, journalist, and philanthropist that works with people in high-level government and business positions. Levenson is one of the co-founders of the United Communication Group. Bruce started that news and data analysis company in 1977. Levenson is also a major donor to Jewish causes in this country and abroad. Bruce is considered one of the founders of the Holocaust Museum, and he is a major contributor to the museum. He sits on several boards, and he is active in finding a solution to Middle East conflicts.

Representatives from AIG didn’t comment, but there’s no doubt they are taking it seriously because Levenson is involved.