Greensky Credit CEO David Zalik Changing The Game On Loans

Would you think that someone who did not graduate high school would be one of the top businessmen in America? Probably not, but in David Zalik’s case it is definitely true. The reason is because he is not only an incredible innovator but he was also a child prodigy who aced the SAT score at the ripe old age of 13. He immediately begin attending afternoon classes at Auburn where his father was a mathematics professor. He also soon realized when it was time for high school that he wanted to attend classes at Auburn full-time. When you look at his early history, it really comes as no surprise that he would grow up and become the incredibles innovator in business he is today.

Once David Zalik became a full-time student at Auburn, he didn’t immediately become an entrepreneur right away. He started his first business simply because he wanted to date the older female college students. He eventually sold the company, called Microtech, in his early twenties for a couple million dollars.

That was perhaps a harbinger of things to come for him, because his newest venture is called Greensky Credit. This financial technology company is built on a rather amazing premise: they Market their app to home remodeling contractors. After that, the home remodeling contractors are able to make quickly approved, unsecured loans to the homeowners they service.

In reality, the idea for Greensky is incredibly brilliant: these contractors market the loan to homeowners, but the contractors have to pay Greensky 6% for the privilege. Moreover, even though Greensky has to partner with fourteen megabanks, the banks also pay Greensky a 1% fee for the privilege. Do you realize the ramifications of this? There’s literally means that Greensky is making money from both the contractors and the banks! Home contractors love Greensky because it helps them expand their business, and these banks love Greensky because they get more deposits. Thus, they are more than happy to pay a small extra fee for Greensky’s services.

In a sense, Greensky Credit serves as another middleman to help homeowners pay contractors for house repairs. Greensky is not on the hook for any defaults, and the beauty of this program is that it is not limited to just highly expensive home renovations. Just to sum it up, David Zalik is not just a millionaire now. This innovative idea has made him America’s newest billionaire.

Whitney Wolfe Builds Excellent App for Multiple Social Media Circles

Whitney Wolfe is a name that millennials know, and many older people are starting to become familiar with Wolfe as well. She has certainly become a person that has changed the way that people look at dating apps all together. She is someone that has made the dating app industry easier because she has put her time and effort into building a platform where men and women get to know one another that are within their radius in concerns to the geographical location.

Whitney Wolfe has created a great amount of interest in Bumble, and she appears to still have a mindset to take this app even further. People are fond of her perspective on dating, and they like what she done with Bumble because it is the app that is known for helping people that are trying to meet singles without all of the spam that they get from other dating apps.

When people sign up for Bumble they actually have to have a Facebook account first. This is a clever thing that Whitney Wolfe thought of because it cuts down on the amount of spam that comes through dating apps. So many people have experienced contact from spam accounts, and they just may have become fed up with dating apps for this very reason. The fact that Whitney Wolfe scoped out for this in advance made her app much more trustworthy.

People are also finding that Whitney Wolfe Herd is someone that is going to make it easier for people to build friendships with Bumble BFF. There are many people that are fans of the Bumble BFF portion of the app, and they are also fans of Bumble Bizz. These are components inside a Bumble that allow people to engage in other things aside from dating. There are people that are fans of this because they may want to build friendships after they have found a way to utilize the app. Others may want to expand their network circle and increase their opportunities to find jobs. Whitney Wolfe covers a wide range of possibilities through her social media app.


About Portia Kersten And Her Experiences At One Of The Most Influential Positions In Skout.

Skout is one of the most used social sites in the world. The users of this social site cover over 180 countries across the globe. To reach a large number of users, this online interaction site is generated in over 16 major languages. Skout boasts of being the most effective social site that allows its users to meet other users within their locality. Skout also incorporates dating services in its social networking platform with is available as an application for both Android and Apple phones. To provide easily social networking, Skout utilizes a handset’s location services to show its users other prospective users around their locality. This social site has also uniquely categorized its users under teens and adults. This allows teens to interact independently from the adults and also helps protect them from adult content available on the internet.

Skout is not only known for its success in the social scene but also its achievements in women empowerment. This firm has a woman, Portia Kersten, holding one of the most influential positions in the firm. Kersten is the Chief Financial Officer at Skout, a position that had been largely associated with the masculine gender previously. This woman has been in the business sector for over 10 years. During this time, sectors such as company incubation and nurturing were her specialization.

Portia Kersten was brought up in a humble home, and she spent most of her childhood days reading books. Since they did not have a TV at home, education became her passion. As a child, she was inspired by Charles Dickens and his work. The character Portia, from the famous Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare was one of her role models. This great urge for education is what has made her so successful. Being very experienced in the business sector, Portia Kersten says that her market knowledge and her understanding of upcoming businesses are what have made her successful at Skout. She added that to balance her career and her family; she only undertakes tasks that are of high priority. This has helped her to easily balance the time she has. Portia Kersten says that Skout has been one of her major growing points and she would like to keep working at the firm.
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