Boraie Development The Most Reliable Real Estate Development

In turn of recent events Shaquille O’Neal has began building skyscrapers in Newark, NJ. The First one in over 40 years. All possible thanks to the help of Boraie Development and a few other corporations. The building is named “Shaq’s Tower”. The top-off ceremony including an appearance from Boraie Development and multiple other companies that helped with bringing that building to life. The total cost of the building is $79 million and will be leading to residents for whoever chooses to live there by September. NBA star Shaquille O’Neal plans on making the city beautiful again using this building and creating it with the help of Boraie Development.


What Is The Boraie Development LLC?


Boraie Development offers a variety of services including Real Estate Development, property management, and Real Estate Marketing for those in New Jersey. Their talents are shown by the work they have done with financial institutions, architects and contractors. They aspire to make the perfect homes to live in which is how they helped Shaq with the $79 million dollar skyscraper complex.


They have been in real estate business for decades and has always worked to make success in all of their business. They meet all their deadlines to secure the success of all their projects that are put into their hands.


What Does Boraie Do And What Are They Known For?


Boraie is a real estate development group. There 30 year record has made them a very reliable source in the state of New Jersey. NJ Biz says they are known for making their name known in more rough areas of New Jersey for the long run and not giving up are those places that are hard to work with. Their Vice-President is also very good at striking and closing the deals they need to continue the company growing strong and usually more times than not his choices are always the right ones to make. They use their knowledge of residential and commercial transactions to seamlessly keep themselves to the strongest point that they are at and because of this knowledge they have sold of $150 million in residential and commercial transactions. describes Boraie Development prides themselves in their commitment and solid work that they deliver every time a project passes their way. They have worked strongly for decades and plan to continue working for many more to complete even more projects on top of the one made recently with Shaquille O’Neal. Not only do they have those powerful achievements held behind them they also have many other power plays that will be used to continue their reputation and stability in the community.