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Jim Tananbum’s Investment Regime

Jim Tananbaum is a famous businessman who is known all over the world. He has a great history in business and has acquired much prosperity in his operations. He has remarkable academic qualifications that make him so perfect in everything he does. His quest for higher education saw him enroll at the University of Yale. He graduated from the University with a BS and BSEE in applied mathematics as well as computer science. He later proceeded to the University of Harvard where he later graduated with an MD and an MBA. After earning his important academic qualification from the University, he practically began his career endeavors. He founded a company known as ForeSite capital in the past years and became the CEO. The company was based on providing health care services to other organizations as well as the society. ForeSite Capital gained unmatched popularity for investing in at least 77 separate health care companies in biopharmaceuticals, medical attention, and diagnostics. With more than 20 years of experience, Jim Tananbaum proceeded to open two other companies. The companies were aimed at providing viable biopharmaceutical services.

Having acquired academic qualifications from two of the most reputable Universities, Jim Tananbaum founded a company called Gel Text pharmaceuticals. This helped a lot in advancing his career. All the companies he founded demonstrated a great sense of capability. His experience and academic qualifications were essential factors to efficient management of numerous companies he founded. None of the companies he started recorded failure. He is a family man besides being a wealthy businessman. He has over 1.1 billion dollars investments under his management. The entire world considers Jim a very lucky man and ranks him very high as compared to many other businesspeople. His companies have earned an excellent reputation in the whole world. He has interacted and worked with companies recognized worldwide. Besides founding his companies. Jim is also a founding partner of famous companies that includes Venture Partners II and III. This is an indication that his experience makes him primary target too large enterprises for partnership in funding. His name continues to gain popularity in surprising ways.

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Rick Smith Leads Securus to the Top

Rick Smith has proven to be a very important part of the growth of Securus. Since he has been in the position of CEO the team has grown tremendously and more patents have been produced for this company. Rick is someone that has a background in technology. He is responsible for inmate technology solutions that are innovative and effective. In order to help him run the daily operations of this company he has hired quite a few engineers and technology gurus that would give him a chance to expand Securus Technologies.

Rick has been in a place of leadership with Securus Technologies for close to a decade, and the employees are quite pleased with the culture that he has created with this company. A large part of the success for this company has to do with the excellent leadership skills that Rick Smith has exhibited. He has promoted this environment of teamwork, and many people are able to create better solutions when they are in an environment where they feel like they can work well with others.

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Rick Smith certainly has a background for the leadership role that he has taken with Securus. He has a electrical engineering degree. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics.

Rick Smith has worked in several positions as a president or CEO, and he has always ran very profitable companies. He has been able to grow technology companies like Frontier Corporation and Eschelon Telecom, and his time with these organizations is what has made him a very sought out business leader. His experience in telecommunications – coupled with his electrical engineering background – makes him the best fit for a company like Securus Technologies. He knows a lot about things like video visitation, and this is great because this is the core product from Securus Technologies.

Rick Smith has been the one that has kept Securus on the cutting edge of technology. More than 800,000 inmates benefit from the various products that are promoted through technology for the Department of Corrections. Rick Smith has definitely shown that he is one of the more capable leaders to run a company of this size. Follow Rick’s profile at

The work that he has done so far is seen in lots of jails throughout the United States. What Rick Smith is currently trying to do is get more of the Department of Corrections to embrace this technology because it can reduce prison overcrowding. There is a psychological effect of video visitation that actually makes it possible for more prisoners to become motivated by the communication from family on the outside. This can lead to things like good behavior and a reduced prison sentence for inmates that are serving time.

Mike Baur’s Ambitious Vision for Swiss Startup Factory Produces Entrepreneurial Successes

When Mike Baur founded the Swiss Start up Factory in 2014, he envisioned an environment that would not only help entrepreneurs build their business, but one that could energize creative and thought-provoking ideas. Mike’s vision was to disrupt the traditional and normal models, for creating a business, and reach beyond the normal ways of doing business. Mike currently is the CEO and Chairman, for the company, and he actively makes sure his vision remains.


Mike Baur is a graduate from the University of Rochester New York, where he earned his MBA, and he has an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. Mike used his educational background to pursue a career in the banking industry and remained in the industry, for 20 years.


With ambition and tenacity, Mike Baur accelerated his vision and founded what is now the leading startup company in Switzerland. His ambition to create a global company that went against the traditions of the banking industry that he was accustomed to, for two decades, has produced a platform which has enriched many young entrepreneurs.


At the core of the Swiss Start up Factory is the company’s three-month accelerator program. The program sets the beginning stage, for young entrepreneurs and startup companies, to build the structure and foundation to succeed. Swiss Start up Factory enables them with all the tools needed, such as coaching, financial networking, state-of-the-art office space, technology advancement, and a wide-range of access to entrepreneurial resources. Swiss Start up Factory is independently financed and it is well-known as the number one ICT startup in Switzerland.


Swiss Start up Factory has produced some of the finest entrepreneurs and businesses as the result of an outstanding program. An example is 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year, Viktor Calabro, who was successful in building Staff Finder AG. The company provides just-in-time human resource strategies and operates on over $21 million in total equity funding.


Mike Baur’s leadership style, for Swiss Start up Factory, is very different than most CEO’s. Mike continues to involve himself in the day to day activities of building startup companies. His role within fundraising, for the program, is a prime example of how Mike continues to keep his pulse on the company and leading entrepreneurs toward their business goals. His innovative skills, passion and drive, for the success of those wanting to build their own company, provides an environment that is not only successful, but contagious.



According to Marc Sparks Non-Traditional Thinking and Passion are Both Essential for Success

There are not many Entrepreneurs, who also define themselves as a philosopher, but Marc Sparks not only defines himself as one; he delivers the results.


A philosopher shapes by asking questions most people dare to ask and providing the answers, or solution. Marc goes beyond the depth of the answer and gets to the root of understanding why a question is asked in the first place. Marc is an extremely passionate person. He has a vigorous appetite for life and having an abundant existence.


Marc is the Author of “They Can’t Eat You”, written in 2014 and a top selling self-improvement book. Marc challenges the mentality of people’s understanding, for success. A core message of the book is there are not any written rules, for success. Marc says that in order to become successful people need to go beyond the traditional way of thinking and the way they’ve been taught since high school. In Marc’s philosophy people can create their own path to success. He says that going to school is not the only way to success.


Marc grew up in Dallas, Texas as an average student and began startups before startups were even defined. From successes, to setbacks, Marc continued on a path which he was destined to live. He has been humorously categorized as the “serial entrepreneur”. Most people who don’t succeed after their first try in business fail to get back up. Marc defies that principle, by getting back up over a dozen times after businesses never reached their full potential. With a fearless attitude, that he lightheartedly calls sometimes scary, Marc has built an enterprise on pure passion, for reaching all that life has to offer him and that much more.


Currently Marc maintains a sensible amount of companies within his portfolio which are operated by his company, Timber Creek Capital, LP. The company specializes in helping people achieve their life-long dreams. An Entrepreneur who has a passion, for being successful and a driven attitude can go a long way when paring with Timber Creek Capital, LP. They’re provided with all business essentials, such as capital, office space, marketing, networking and web development, and much more, in order to become successful. The primary qualifications are passion and non-traditional thinking.


Marc has a firm foundation in a religious belief and says that he knows without the grace of God, he would not have survived his trials and tribulations throughout life. Marc says “God gives us challenges and devastating circumstances so we understand the responsibilities that come with success and to keep us humble.”


Marc has gained the interest of many followers to create an abundance of life, for their business dealings and their personal fulfillment. He has successfully broadened the views of people to develop their opportunities and life on their terms.



Honey Birdette for Seriously Exquisite Linerie and Refined Adult Toys

Honey Birdette isn’t merely exquisite lingerie. Expanding the range of purchases that bring pleasure, the peerless undergarment empire also has an array of delectable adult toys.

Toys for Her
With elegant names such as Perla, Venus, and the Milano Pleasure Beads, there is surely something to tickle a damsel’s fancy. Shopping for Her at Honey Birdette invites one into a world of pleasure where ergonomic delights and amazing precision handling are on proffer.

Toys for Him
Honey Birdette understands that boys will appreciate toys when they’re as stylish, sleek, and elegant as the offerings here. From the Duke to the Bentley to the Gentlemen’s Ring, not to mention the Maze Easy Beat Gold Egg, there is something here to stir a man’s desire and inflame his heart, and a man with an inflamed heart is a Honey Birdette success story.

If Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, Behold!
Besides tantalizingly erotic toys, the trademark Honey Birdette lingerie products are growing phenomenally.

Honey Burdette/UK
From the opening in Australia in 2006, the store has been expanding its sexy naughty and nice empire. Last year it opened stores in the UK to wild success and they’re opening more next year. In fact, there are plans to consider boutique locations in other European hot spots.

Honey Birdette/US
They are also expanding their US online presence, with details such as free shipping over $50, a very liberated returns policy, and even more luscious online treasures to peruse, such as the Luxury Lingerie Collections and the enticingly named Le Freak selections.

The Present
For those who want to give the present of pleasure, Honey Birdette offers Gift Cards that are perfect for any occasion.

Preventative Screening Provides Early Detection Of Potentially Serious Health Conditions

The advances in technology have made it easier for people to prevent many serious or life-threatening health conditions. The best way to ensure a continuous state of good health is to have preventative health screening. This is an important measure for individuals who have family histories of conditions that could lead to more serious complications, such as high cholesterol.

Lifeline Screening is a full service company offering preventative screening for a wide range of conditions. In addition to the different individual conditions a Lifeline facility could screen for, they also provide a health risk assessment that covers six of the most common health concerns people have.

Dedicated to Science

The professionals at Lifeline Screening dedicate themselves to providing the best service possible. They understand the role preventative health screening plays in helping people maintain the type of lifestyles they want. Early detection for at-risk conditions such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes could help people make better life choices to avoid suffering the consequences of a potentially serious condition. The team at Lifeline can also educate people about the different factors involved with at-risk conditions. Vascular testing for high cholesterol, heart attacks or strokes could be based on factors other than a person’s family history. People who have high blood pressure, are obese, have diabetes or who smoke regularly could be at risk for these conditions.

The breakthroughs in medical science are always evolving, which means there is always new information available for early detection of potentially life changing health conditions. Lifeline Screening employs a clinical team trained to recognize the factors that could lead to serious health issues. They also use state of the art equipment and have labs that stick to the regulations set forth by the government. Their health screening processes involve the use of ultrasound testing, blood samples and electrocardiographs.

Thor Halvorssen and His Passion for Human Right Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a crusader of human rights who discovered this calling in late 1993. Since then, he has been the voice of many social issues affecting society among them human trafficking or slavery, threats to democracy, and dictatorships.

A call to activism

Thor didn’t always know he would end up in a career of activism. However, he is a definite chip off the old block when compared to his father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum. His father was one of the lead investigators of the Venezuelan Medellin Cartel run by Pablo Escobar. The following events of this investigation are what changed Thor Halvorssen’s life forever.

When his father was wrongfully accused and convicted, for the same investigation he was carrying out, Thor was the one to save him. In 1993, he led a mass campaign that protested the brutal treatment his father received in prison, and sequentially for his release. Even after his father’s successful release, Thor went on to become a full time advocate of human rights.

Thor Halvorssen has pioneered a number of human rights organizations that partner with political figures and government officials who are also aligned to his course. One of these organizations is Oslo Freedom Forum which has succeeded in many of its projects organized all over the world. Thor also founded the Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York.

Through these organizations, Thor constantly launches awareness campaigns highlighting the oppressions people suffer under the rule of a socialist government. He has fought slavery laws all over the world including China. The Oslo Freedom Foundation organizes several transformative conferences that see many prominent individuals in attendance among them fellow human rights advocates, activities, world leaders and technology entrepreneurs.

Thor’s passion has also molded him into a seasoned film producer that center on the same subject of human right awareness and activism. He is also the founder of the Moving Picture Institute which has helped him produce three films already: Freedom’s Fury, Hammer & Tickler and The Sugar Babies.

Bottom Line

Thor Halvorssen’s passion for the rights of every human has seen him receive a number of accolades. One of these achievements is the 2010 medal he received for his activism during a Romanian anniversary for the celebration of their liberation from a Soviet-like dictatorial government.


Inspiring Career Journey And Accomplishments Of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer

Some people are inspiring and can keep one reading their impressive profiles for long hours without getting bored. It is interesting how one can do a lot of things at a go and still manage to do them perfectly well. An example is one Mr. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, but many people know him as Duda Melzer. It was in 1998 that he graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul with a degree in Business Administration. As if that was not all, he proceeded to Harvard University where he pursued and completed his MBA.

According to the “Economia”, after completing his education, Mr. Eduardo embarked on his career journey, where he became a consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton, in 2001. The preceding year, he joined Delphi as a financial analyst. It was in 2004 that Mr. Eduardo was appointed to Boxtop Media as the company CEO. Boxtop Media is the United States leading media company. In 2008, he was invited to attend at the Effective Strategies for Media Companies, a sitting that happened at the Harvard Business School.

Throughout his career, Mr. Duda Melzer has achieved a lot. For instance, he was a member of the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation for three years up to 2008. According to Globo, he served as a member of Standard Norms Executive Council. You must be an influential and a rational thinker to be allowed to be a council member of any organization. Mr. Eduardo possesses these and is why he has been a board member for both Mercosul Biennial and the Ibere Camargo Foundation since 2015.Also in the same year, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise recognized him as one of their members due to his outstanding track record. For him, 2015 was a year to remember, as he scooped the 2015 Ernst &Young Award. In the family business category, he emerged the best.

Lip Balm Tips for Keeping your Lips Supple and Beautiful

Our lips have delicate skin than other parts of the body. Thus, they require extra care to keep them looking supple and beautiful. Also, to prevent them from the adverse effects of harsh weather. Here are a few tips to care for your lips every day.


To keep hydrated, the body requires that you drink a lot of water. This is no different for your lips. If you want your lips to stay hydrated, ensure that you drink lots of water.

Licking of Lips

Not only is this a disgusting behavior, but it is also bed for your lips. You might think that licking your lips will moisturize them, but you will only wet them for a few seconds, then they get even drier. And, later they will start chapping.

Lips Exfoliation

Exfoliate your lips on a regular basis. Be sure to use an exfoliator that is not so harsh that it peels the skin off your lips. You might consider using a homemade natural treat like sugar on a soft cloth.

Apply Lip Balm

Always have a lip balm in hand, so that you can put it on whenever your lips start to feel dry. This should be the case even at night. Wash off any makeup off your lips and apply a good lip balm like Evolution of Smooth.

Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth is a leading natural lip balm brand. EOS lip balm helps take care of your lips by providing your lips with the care of jojoba oil, shea butter and Natural Vitamin E.

EOS ( is a hypoallergenic lip balm, making it suitable for everyone at home. What distinguishes it from other lip balms is the fact that the lip balm is paraben and petrolatum- free. EOS lip balm products are available on Walgreens, Walmart and Lucky Vitamin drug stores nationwide.