Sheldon Lavin is the person behind the success of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is known around the world because of his experience in meat production. Sheldon has served the meat industry for over four decades, and today he serves OSI Group as the Chief Executive Officer. The many years he has been running the company has enabled him to acquire the right experience in managing businesses.

Those who have interacted with Sheldon Lavin know him as the right definition of working hard to achieve your ambitions. Sheldon Lavin took over the company when it was a small one, but today it has expanded to other parts of the world courtesy of his visions. Before venturing into the food industry, he was in the banking sector where he had acquired skills to enable him to deal with the company’s financials.

The company deals with processing protein foods, and it is a distributor. OSI Group began in 1909, and that time it was called Otto and Sons. At the time it was operating as a supplier of the small burger patty. But today the organization is one of the largest in the United States because of the dedication of Sheldon Lavin when he took full control of the company. It has now expanded to more than seventeen countries and has facilities in those countries.

Sheldon took control of the company in 1970, and since then it has been expanding. It is still rising and extending to different parts of the world because Lavin wants it to be an international company. Sheldon Lavin has received many awards and recognition because of his outstanding skills in business. He won an award for Lifetime Achievement by RSM. He was also recognized by the Indian Visionary Academy and received the award for being someone who is committed to his visions.

The academy recognized his entrepreneurial skills, and this is a privilege. Most of his employees have been happy with OSI Group because they are treated as family members. They have described the company as a large and happy family. Sheldon Lavin has made it possible for employees to feel appreciated while working for the company. That is why they are always happy and working to ensure the company is sustainable.

OSI Industries Food Group Leaders

Get An All-Natural Diet With OSI Industries Foods

The popular OSI Food Solutions group is one of the top 100 food corporations in the industry. They have been able to earn their position by answering to a stabilized food industry with all-natural food products. They’re thousands of families that continue to be fed their organic diet through many popular restaurants and grocers. Their frozen poultry is farmed raised and their is no additives in their vegetables. Their absolutely, affordable and nutritious diet has made them a well known food corporation. Based in Aurora, Illinois, they’re one of the largest in North America.

OSI Industries Business International News

The popular OSI Food Solutions Group has made it possible for their team to partner with other big name food corporations. They’ve been a part of one of the largest food groups in the EU network with the popular Flagship Europe Group. They have decided to process their frozen meat patties and their food condiments for Flagship. OSI was one of the first to see the benefits of meeting the demands of a stabilized food industry. They will also process food for the popular Dutch, Baho Food network promoting their signature organic vegetables.

OSI Food Solutions Gives Back To The Community

Are you familiar with the food industry giving back to the community? The popular OSI Industries has been able to lend a generous amount of time and resources to the community. They have been able to help many at-risk adults and children around the world. OSI has given back to one local area community by strengthening their work community by retaining jobs for hundreds of stranded OSI workers. Learn more about their international partnership by visiting their exclusive website for more details today. Go OSI Food Solutions and feed your family a diet they can trust.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, a company that specializes in food and meat processing company. Sheldon has been in this industry for over 47 years now. He graduated from the university with a degree in Finance and Accounting. He served as Financial Consultant and has his hands laid on in the banking sector.

Sheldon Lavin came into joining OSI Group in 1970 when the company was still picking up. His efforts made Otto & Sons Company acquire financial back-up from the bank. The bank later requested Sheldon Lavin to become of the shareholders of OSI eventually joining the firm. OSI was seeking more investments abroad which engrossed Sheldon to becoming one of the partners of OSI Company. Since 1970, Lavin has been working with OSI Group and under the presidency of Sheldon; the company has grown tremendously to other parts of the country.

Lavin plans to expand the company’s operations into international markets, and today OSI Group manifests in 17 countries operating over 70 facilities. These countries include South Africa, Australia, Philippines, and Taiwan among many others, making it the world’s renowned supplier of value-added protein products internationally. Sheldon Lavin leadership at OSI Group has enabled the company inspired by tactical entrepreneurial and has capacitated it to develop and grow over time. The technological innovation encouraged OSI protein processing industry, and Sheldon’s objective remains to improve more and expand farther in future.

OSI Group has a whopping 20, 000 workers and Sheldon Lavin has the task and responsibility to manage this massive number of employees. Underneath Lavin’s leadership OSI Company has grown and now boasts of annexes globally that offer high-quality food services. It means that he is a proud manager in an organization that generates an enormous turnover of workers serving millions of customers across different countries of the world.

Sheldon and OSI Group have won several awards. And as a result of his efforts in the organization he has won several awards including the Global Visionary Award for being the most outstanding cheerleader. OSI Group also has won the Globe of Honour Award discussed by the British Council. The OSI Group won this award for environmentally friendly innovations that accelerated the company’s growth.

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