Robert Ivy set to receive a lifetime achievement award

Only a few people get to receive lifetime achievement awards. These awards are not just like any other awards. They are usually awarded to individuals who have contributed their career towards a specific course, unlike other awards which mainly focus on one contribution. Robert Ivy happens to among the selected few. Ivy, the current Chief Executive Officer of America Institute of Architects (AIA), will be receiving the Noel Polk award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). Robert Ivy will remain as the first ever architect to win the award. Usually, the award is given to artist living in Mississippi.

Soon he will feature in the awardee list alongside singer Leontyne Price, actor Morgan Freeman, artist Walter Anderson, writers Shelby Foote and Eudora Welty. In a statement, the president of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, Nancy LaForge spoke highly of Robert and his contribution as an editor, author and most importantly as a practicing architect. She is quick to acknowledge the many lives Robert Ivy has touched as an architect. She completed her statement by congratulating Mr. Ivy for winning one of the most envied awards.

Prior to working at America Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy was the executive editor at Architectural Record. During his reign, he brought with him a lot of changes that eventually propelled the institution into becoming a re-known publishing company. Additionally, while still serving there, he received numerous awards for his excellence in his work. He is also part of the success story of McGraw-Hill’s design and construction media in China.

Ivy has received numerous award, thanks to his prowess in architecture. Some of the prizes include; an award by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi and a dean’s medal from the University of Arkansas in 2017. Robert is an alumnus of University of the South and Tulane University where he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and a Master’s degree in Architecture.

Besides, he served in the US Navy before becoming an architect. Since he joined AIA, there has been tremendous growth in the number of members. He has strived to enhance and build on its image. Today, it has over 90,000 members across the US. The principal function of the institute is to design suitable infrastructures for the community. The award event is set to happen in june.

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Mike Baur Brings The Swiss Startup Factory Into Brewing Business Niche

Mobile technology and the brewing industry may now be merging together, or at least that’s what young innovators at the Swiss Startup Factory are pushing for. SSUF cofounder and executive chairman Mike Baur helped organize a beer hack event along with Feldschlösschen Brewery CEO Thomas Amstutz, and it featured many of the organization’s top tech developers and coders forming new industry ideas. The young entrepreneurs attending the brewery were given a tour of the facility first, then they gathered with several of the brewery’s managers, other SSUF leaders and Baur himself at the Westhive to put their new beer hack ideas to work. The areas they needed to address with the beef hack were digital, product marketing and experience. One standout winner of the hack was “U-Beer,” an app that lets you order beer from just about anywhere and provides quick delivery. All projects completed at the hack were brought back to the SSUF to be used in investor pitches.


Mike Baur got into startup investing and founding the SSUF after he realized that working in commercial banking was no longer right for him. Working at a big bank was considered a high honor in Switzerland back in 1991 when Baur was only 16 and entering his apprenticeship at Union Bank of Switzerland. Most young men went to their occupation by way of apprenticeship at that time, and Baur actually had quite a financial acumen. He kept earning promotion after promotion with UBS, and he moved to Clariden Leu in 2008 to become a commercial bank board member. But the recession of that year brought in changes that he soon grew dissatisfied with, and six years later he quit his banking job.


What Mike Baur realized was that investing in new businesses and pouring in the resources to turn new developers into leaders could spark a brand new part of Switzerland’s economy. He began meeting with college professors and advisors, students and independent boutique firm executives and laying out the plan for an accelerator with a structured program. The SSUF launched in late 2014 and after taking in its first batch of attendees, new companies became visible in its portfolio. Baur loves what he does along with CEO Max Meister and chief operating officer Oliver Walzer which is constantly interacting with and coaching the young entrepreneurs. He has high hopes of Switzerland one day running its own Silicon VA kind of place just like the US and Sweden currently have.


Ricardo Torso’s Proposal for Regularization through Law 13,254

Also referred to as asset repatriation, Ricardo Tosto has been at the forefront for advocating for the regularization of assets abroad. He had made such an appeal through Law 13,254 on 13th January, 2016 with a perception that the proposal will open doors for technical exchanges between lawyers in Brazil and those in foreign countries.

Relevance of the repatriation proposal

Ricardo Tosto is the co-founder of Leite, Tosto and Barros law firm which is based in Brazil. Knowing the significance of international partnership in law, the skilled lawyer believes that the population of Brazil will greatly benefit particularly in regards to recovery of national resources. One person that is in support of Ricardo Tosto is Gil Vicente Gama who is an advocate at the Nelson William Advogados and Associates. He pointed out that repatriation of resources would open ways of partnership between the national and foreign lawyers. He further claimed that the process would be able to facilitate processes and procedures that involve particularities from different countries.

Congress approval of the law

Since it was proposed to the House, Ricardo Tosto notes that the proposal has faced a lot of challenges before it became approved. First, it was subjected to an income tax rate of 17.5 percent with a fine of 17.5 percent. However, this amount was later reduced by the text rapporteur, Mr. Manoel Junior to an income tax and fine rates of 15 percent respectively.

Possibility of amnesty

With law 13.254 in place, Ricardo Tosto believes in the possible acquittal of certain crimes such as misconduct, laundering, and tax evasion. This would mean that only serious crimes like resource confiscation and corruption are punished. In this context, the partnership between lawyers of Brazil and other nations would aid in the mapping of Brazilian citizens who hide out resources they acquire in other countries.

About Tosto

Ricardo Tosto has represented many clients including big companies in cases that have gained national recognition. He has over the past advocated for politicians, the Brazilian government, NGOs, and multinational companies, and has worked very hard to defend his clients. Ricardo Tosto is also aware of his experience and potentials and as such has never lost any of his cases. He has also contributed greatly to different laws in the Brazilian community with the aim of improving the society.

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