Doe Deere, Colors and Makeup

People fondly refer to Doe Deere as a “Unicorn Queen.” She’s just as majestic as one of these mythical creatures. People link Deere to unicorns and mysticism of sorts. They also link her to brilliant colors. No one admires color more than she does. The Russian-born lady had a decided All-American upbringing. This took place in bustling New York, New York. New York City affected her existence in a big way. She majored in fashion design while in the sizable metropolis. This paved the way for her stunning career as a Chief Executive Officer. She’s the founder of a well-known cosmetics business named Lime Crime. Deere is a great role model for people who love cool colors of all types. She’s also an inimitable role model for young women who want to carve out rewarding careers for themselves. She’s a female business leader who isn’t afraid to work hard. She’s not afraid to show other people what she can do. Deere created Lime Crime on the Internet in 2008. She had so many concepts that related to her business back at that time as well. No one can say that Deere is a person who lacks a vision. She aims to make her biggest desires come to fruition. She doesn’t like the idea of making cosmetic items that require the use of animal byproducts. That’s why Lime Crime is a vegan brand. People who don’t feel comfortable with makeup that involves animal components in any way can feel good about trying Lime Crime’s offerings. Lime Crime is more than vegan as well. It’s devoid of cruelty. There are many cosmetics brands in this world that rely on the assistance of animal testing. People who buy Lime Crime items don’t have to think about that at all.

Deere’s roots in the makeup community are straightforward. She’s always been an avid designer. She’s always been someone who cares about consistency and harmony, too. Not being able to find makeup products that could highlight her vivid fashion pieces well disturbed her. It made her have an epiphany as well. That epiphany was simply that she had to take matters into her own hands. If she waited around for a makeup brand that was going to make products that were as brilliant as she wanted, she’d be waiting around forever. This compelled her to make Lime Crime come to life. Makeup lovers the world over are so thrilled that she saw an opening in the cosmetics realm.

Deere respects people who have all kinds of styles and tastes. That doesn’t mean that she likes all makeup products herself, though. There are countless cosmetics companies that specialize in colors and tones that are decidedly subtle. That just isn’t Deere’s style. People who are in love with bright pinks, blues, yellows and more can go for Lime Crime. People who are in love with rainbows overall can do the same.

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Shafik Sachedina Philanthropy Is Changing Lives

Shafik Sachedina realized that he had a calling to help humanity many years ago. The philanthropist was born in the capital city of Tanzania more than six decades ago. His father and mother taught him great values since childhood, and this is what has made him a great investor and doctor in the tough times. His family moved and settled in London more than fifty years ago. The businessman thought that the best career for him would be a dental surgeon, and he enrolled in a leading university so that he could become a renowned surgeon in the United Kingdom. After his graduation, Sachedina was hired to work in several medical facilities in the country, and he has also made a great impact in many patients, especially those who need dental surgeries.

Shafik Sachedina is not only a dental surgeon. The businessman is the head of the most popular and respected groups in the world, known as the Ismaili community. The Ismaili Community has managed to transform many lives and also earn many awards because of what it has done in the lives of many people. As a leader of the organization, Shafik Sachedina has played a primary role to ensure that the people in the community follow the correct procedures when giving their support to the needy. Sachedina is always very committed when given any top responsibility in an organization, and he has assisted many boards to stand on their feet and accomplish their mission.


Not long ago, Shafik Sachedina became popular for being a medic with a reason. After working in the profession for a very long time, the businessman discovered that seniors in the United Kingdom, especially those who had been diagnosed with mental disorders were not getting good treatment. Although there were many doctors in the industry, very few had the idea of starting a company that would offer this group the reliable services they needed. Sachedina founded a medical facility that specializes in mental patients and seniors several years ago, and his greatest goal was to assist these people live great lives.

Several years ago after Sussex Health Care was founded, Shafik Sachedina is a happy man. The medical facility has grown significantly, and it is changing many lives with the great services it is giving senior people with mental challenges. The company currently runs twenty homes in the United Kingdom. The professionals working under Sachedina have been giving these groups of people the care they deserve.

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Brown Modelling Agency: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Once in our lives, everyone in this world have thought about something we want to become. Something we want to do. Something we are passionate about. Because everyone has a dream. When we were younger, we believe we could become anything and that we could do anything. But as we grow older, we come to realize that although it is not impossible, it is far from our reality. What we desire in life is influenced by so many things. One factor to mention is the entertainment industry. Through television, magazine, social media to name a few, we find pleasure watching shows or reading during our free times. And through these world of entertainment, majority of us have thought about becoming a model. Yes, to become a model is one common childhood dream. Unfortunately, as we grow up, reality hit us, we just then realize that modeling is not for everyone. Because just like any career, in modeling, you need to meet certain requirements to qualify. Not everybody gets this chance, but if you do, grab it and own it.


Deciding to pursue modeling career is one big step. First thing, you need to prepare yourself. To be prepared means to look natural at the same time showing your best assets to find the right agent to help you make your dream possible.


According to Market Wired, if modeling is that one thing you are passionate about, and you’re looking to make it as one, Texas is the place to be. With the increasingly demand for new models and talents, comes the launching of The Brown Agency. It is a Model and Talent Management Agency based in Austin, Texas that was launched September of 2015. The Brown Agency was launched when Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South joined forces. The combination of the two agencies is now a leading commercial talent and modeling agency in central Texas.Justin Brown is the CEO and President of The Brown Agency. The founder of Heyman Talent-South Michael B. Bonnee, and Justin Brown worked together as a team. That’s what sets the Brown agency apart in a highly competitive industry. This agency grew quickly. With the expertise and combined experience of Bonnee and Brown, they successfully have worked with well-known companies such as Dell, Toyota, L’oreal, Louis Vuitton and many other big brands.


The Brown Agency truly made a name for itself and it will continue to grow and to develop more promising new models in the industry. So if you have what it takes to be a model, turn your dreams into reality. In life, when setting goals and pursuing dreams, you must sometimes let others paddle with you. Get The Brown Agency to work with you and your success.



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Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon: Dr.Mofid

After completing his undergraduate studies successfully at Harvard University where he graduated with a medical degree, Dr.Mark Mofid, famous for boosting patients’ esteems with appropriately appealing reconstructive procedures, joined John Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he got certified with Advanced Craniofacial Research. Before earning his spot as an established surgeon, Dr.Mofid obtained his certification from The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mofid serves as a professor in the clinical division of the University of California and also offers reconstructive surgery to survivors of skin cancer, traumatic facial repairs, and breast cancer. His scholarly writing on various cosmetic procedures has seen him published in reputable journals like ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’, giving him a presentation platform at different clinical conferences within and outside the U.S.

Mark Mofid knew he wanted to pursue a career in reconstructive and plastic surgery when he saw first-hand how significantly a patient’s esteem got boosted. Saying he receives referrals from previous happy patients, he adds that his career makes him good money primarily because he is well known for being meticulous in his procedures. According to him, surgery is a calling that requires patience, integrity and self-drive. Giving an example of when he turned down his long-time patient’s request to have her implants enlarged, he says such a career requires a high standard of work ethics, putting the patients’ health before money. Dr.Mark Mofid is committed to innovation and says he would like to give hope to cancer survivors, adding that he’d like them to know there is hope in the future, thanks to the innovative technologies he and his team members are about to adopt.

Advising that a good plastic and reconstructive surgeon ought to be realistic, Dr. Mark Mofid urges patients to ensure that the targeted surgeon has certifications from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The most inspiring business book to him is Simon Sinek’s ‘Leaders Eat Last’ which addresses the importance of teamwork, echoing his view that a patient will either live or die in the hospital depending upon the level of cooperation.

Powerhouses Work Together

Titans in the business world do not always have to compete for growing markets or take one another down in feverish bids to keep a strong hold on the next bog thing. Sometimes, they can actually work together and create mutually beneficial bonds to not only ensure the continued growth of their respective empires but to also support and help each other grow. This growth and support is exactly the happens when Securus Technologies Inc., and JPay join forces to be something better than either one company could be on its own.


Both of these leaders in the field of service to the DOC (Department of Corrections) are independent and indispensable to the facilities they work for. And, the details as to why their matching each other is a good deal reveal all. It all comes down to cutting-edge technology, which yields a platform that handles everything from education to digital payments, with services like and entertainment in between them. The stock purchase agreement between Securus and JPay means that the daily operations for 33 prisons in different states run more smoothly and safely for everyone involved.


Rick Smith, CEO for Securus, knows a good deal and a worthy partner when he sees one, so making the choice to collaborate with one of the best business out there makes him proud. He has admired Jpay for years, due to its innovation in service and work product. Moreover, this collective effort is not just about doing good business. It is about lowering the rate at which inmates revisit the DOC, as the products and services of this collaboration ultimately helps inmates readjust to their lives outside of the prison system. Ryan Shapiro, CEO for JPay, is equally excited about the collective effort of these companies, because it gives his people the power to get more done in a work day.