Bruce Levenson Continues To Fight For Hawks Insurance Payout

It has been over a year since Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium reached an agreement with a group headed by billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler to sell the NBA franchise. Despite the length of time that has elapsed Bruce Levenson’s group will return to court in the coming months to try and reach an agreement with insurance giant AIG about the termination of the contract of former Hawks general manager Danny Ferry.


Ferry arrived at the Hawks in 2012 and was given a six year $18 million conbtract based on his success in previous seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs; Levenson’s legal team are arguing in the Fulton County Supreme Court that comments made by Ferry dating back as far as April 2015 constitute constructive dismissal and should be covered by the insurance policy held at the team by the consortium. The legal team of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC argue AIG have breached the insurance policy contract by refusing to acknowledge or discuss the claim made by Bruce Levenson and his fellow former owners.

Bruce Levenson made a major impact on the NBA when he arrived in Atlanta in 2004 to take over a historic franchise that was struggling to return to its glory days headed by a single NAB Championship victory. In a report by Time Magazine, Levenson was set to become more of a part of the NBA community than many considered when he joined the NAB Board of Governors and looked to use the publicity of the franchise to push forward good causes across the U.S.

Bruce Levenson has continued his success in the area of philanthropy following his sale of the Hawks after he continued to back many good causes based on his won faith and moral beliefs. The Maryland native has looked to back many good causes based in his home state to aid the community he has been part of throughout his life. More can be found about  Bruce Levenson’s efforts from the article published on PR News.


Stephen Murray Known For Making Huge Merger Deals, Dead at 52

Stephen Murray, was one of the most successful financial professionals in New York City when it came to mergers and buyouts, died last year at the age of 52. His death came just one month after he left the private equity group on where he was the CEO for health reasons. He had a storied career that spanned over 3 decades in the financial industry in NYC. He was also known to have a proclivity for charity as well and worked in many different philanthropic roles during his life.

Early Life

He was raised in Westchester, NY, a prosperous suburban town near New York City. He left to pursue his education in 1980 at Boston College where he graduated in 1984 with a B.A. in Economics. After that, he returned to New York City where he started his career while simultaneously studying towards his MBA at Columbia University in Manhattan.

Early Career

Murray’s first job was in a trainee role in the credit department at the Hanover Trust. It was an auspicious start for the man who would rise through the financial ranks on to become one of the most respected men in New York when it came to mergers and buyouts. His rise started very early at Hanover. He was promoted to Vice President of Middle-Market lending.

During this time he also joined a private equity group that was known to specialize in companies in mid-sized markets. This fund would grow over time and move with Murray throughout the banks that he worked for. It would later develop into what we now know as CCMP Capital.

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Chase Manhattan and Hanover Trust merged in the mid-1990s. Murray transitioned with the merger and by 2000 was put in charge of all buyouts at Chase Bank. This is a role that he maintained while still running his fund under the Chase umbrella and JP Morgan & Chase.

CCMP Capital

CCMP was formed as a result of Chase merging with Bank One. Bank One already had an established private equity division. To prevent and conflict of interest between the CCMP fund and Chase’s new clients, the fund was spun out and named CCMP. CCMP Capital’s fund specializes in mergers and growth lending for most consumer companies. Their typical transaction is between $100 million and $500 million making them one of the strongest funds when it comes to investing in mid-sized retail chains. The fund is said to be worth over $12 Billion.

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Mike Baur Accomplishments in the Finance Industry

Mike Baur is a businessman and entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Switzerland. Up to date, he has maintained a very close relationship with his hometown. He has specialized in the finance and banking sector, and he is believed to be among the individuals who have accomplished a lot in the industry.


After completing his high school education several decades ago, Mike Baur realized that he had a passion for finance. He decided to venture in the industry when he was very young, and through hard work, he did quite well. As a young boy, working in finances made him satisfied and very proud.

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When Mike Baur finished his university education, he ventured completely in to the competitive finance and banking industry. He was employed by various organizations in his country. He, however, worked for many years for a very famous company known as Swiss Private Banking. The experience and expertise he has today was acquired by the businessman when he was working for this company.


Mike Baur worked for the Swiss Private Banking for more than twenty years. While working in this company, he was very dedicated and hardworking in all the responsibilities he was given. His dedication made the top management to appoint him to some of the high positions in the company. He was one of the top executives in the board of directors. While he was working at the institution, it experienced significant growth in various areas.


Mike Baur decided to leave formal employment and start his own company several years ago. He felt that he had acquired the knowledge and experience that would help his own company succeed. Together with two other partners, Mike Baur started an organization called Swiss Start-up Factory. The three partners have worked hard, and the company has done well in the recent past. Today, the company is considered to be one of the largest top accelerator firms that is privately held.


Although the Swiss Start -Up Factory was founded in 2014, it has grown significantly, and it has transformed the lives of many businessmen in the world. The independent institution is based in Zurich and it works hard to ensure that upcoming entrepreneurs are given great opportunities so they can succeed. The company has managed to establish many networks in Switzerland and other countries in the globe. These networks play a crucial role when giving the upcoming entrepreneurs new opportunities.




The Importance Of Starting Early With Online Reputation Management

When it comes to online reputation management, it is better for one to start earlier than later. When one waits until there is a hit on his reputation, he will find it to be a lot harder and more costly to take care of the bad article on the search result than if he were to think about the topic at the beginning. For one thing, when one manages his online reputation from the beginning, then he will have an easier time because customers will know more about the person than without the management of online reputation. Therefore, the person will find it easier to fight off all of the attacks.

Among the things they are thinking about when it comes to online reputation are the firms that they should start with. Among the reputation firms that are worth looking into is Bury Bad Articles. The professionals in this firm are really good at using methods needed to bury bad news. They can provide optimized content from different platforms. Among the platforms they can use are review sites and social media. Social media is very powerful when it comes to reputation management. When content is released and linked to on social media, this can bring people to the top of the search results with good news.

A bad reputation can keep a person from succeeding. This is why it is important to build a solid reputation. People will be more willing to do business with a company that they trust as opposed to someone they have heard bad things about or even have heard nothing about. Therefore, if one takes the time to build a good image, he will find that it is hard to break that good image once it has been established and solidified in his online business.