The Little Orb that Could

For years, it was the same old thing. Customers would go into the drug store, find the lip balm aisle, grab a stick of medicinal tasting Chapstick, and move on. That was until 2009 when a little spherical orb changed the world of oral care forever.

In their exclusive interview with Fast Company (, the co-founders of EOS Lip Balm explain how they took their product from concept to major player in just seven years.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, was created by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, who saw an opportunity for radical innovation within the lip balm industry. They developed a product with a new shape never before seen in the business. Along with the interesting new flavor options, the spherical shape of the lip balm’s container made it appealing to women. It was functional and stylish. Once celebrities started showing off the little orb, the company was off to the races. EOS has grown to become one of the top selling lip balms in the industry in less than a decade, outselling perennial powerhouses Chapstick and Blistex on Lucky VItamin and ULTA. The company’s average weekly sales of more than one million units puts it second to only Burt’s Bees. That’s no small feat for a young company in what is expected to be a two-billion-dollar industry within 4 years.

The founders’ strategy, says Mehra, was to focus on the creation and distribution of the product instead of a putting a heavy emphasis on publicity and marketing. They wanted a product that appealed to women since females buy the majority of the lip balm products on the market. The wanted to make “the lip balm that makes you smile.” It seems the plan has worked. EOS has demonstrated such a high level of success that other brands are now copying the design to appeal more to the female customer base.

Having partnered successfully with both Keds and Disney, EOS has made a name for itself in the business world. Even designers like Rachel Roy have joined in on the fun, creating limited edition lip balms that have been wildly successful.

Not content to rest on its laurels, EOS is looking to the future. Lip balm is just the beginning as new products, like shaving cream and hand lotions, are in the development stages. The company plans to launch into these other areas of the personal care industry soon. Not bad for a little orb created by people with an innovative idea and an entrepreneurial mindset. Check out:


I Activated My GSM Phone With FreedomPop

I wanted cell phone service from FreedomPop, so I chose to read a FreedomPop review because I didn’t want to be uninformed about the service I was going to purchase. I had a Samsung Galaxy phone that I wanted to switch over to their service but wasn’t sure if it would work. Not only did I find out that the phone would work but also that they had many other phones that were similar to it or better that could also work on the service. I paid a few dollars to unlock my phone to allow me to use it on the FreedomPop network.

I heard about the free service from FreedomPop but opted for the unlimited service instead. I ordered a sim card, which is 3-in-1, from FreedomPop. The Sim card came in the mail the same week that I ordered it, and even though I had a little bit of trouble figuring out how to pop out the right sim card, I got it done and put it into my phone. I had chosen the one month of free unlimited service, but I figured I could try it out before choosing to switch and downgrade to the free plan.

The plan I had included unlimited talk time and text messages, and I also got 1 GB of data for free as well. Whenever I wasn’t at home, I used the data on my phone. If I was at home, I was able to use the Wi-Fi in my home to save up the data on my phone. Another thing I did was to sign up for the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service, which only set me back a total of five dollars for the month. I used the service whenever I was near a FreedomPop hot spot and got 4G LTE speeds.

Towards the end of my free service month, I got laid off of my job, which meant that I couldn’t pay as much for the things I wanted, so I decided that I would downgrade to the free service that FreedomPop offered. Even with the free service, I still enjoy enough minutes of talk time and text messages to make the phone is very useful to me. I’ve found other ways to send text messages and to talk through my phone to keep the service free, and I use the Wi-Fi service whenever I need additional data, so I really do love the service.

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How Nathaniel Ru is Promoting Healthy Living


Most Georgetown students are familiar with Sweetgreen. The product is mostly used as a quick snack in between classes, or a post-workout snack. It’s quite surprisingly that the only people who had an idea about Sweetgreen six years ago were its founders Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet, and Nathaniel Ru. The trio wanted to come up with an affordable but healthy food product that would benefit Georgetown students. Interestingly, the three were bonded by their love for healthy food.


After laying out their vision, Ru and his team came up with a business plan. However, a major setback presented itself in the form of their relative inexperience in the food industry. In as much as all of them had entrepreneur parents, none of them had the know-how about building a successful business. This was a blessing in disguise since they developed a unique ability to approach every problem that they faced with a fresh batch of ideas. This has been the backbone of the success that Sweetgreen has had since it was released to the mainstream market.


Starting out in a 500 square feet space on M Street, the business has grown rapidly. The limited resources that the trio had forced each of them to think creatively. From the beginning, they have focused on sustainability, and the use of high quality ingredients. The invaluable advice that they received from other entrepreneurs, and members of the Georgetown faculty, helped Sweetgreen to gain market prominence. The three have learnt invaluable lessons about the importance of running a business that is value-driven. This has helped them to understand the community’s influence on a brand.


About Nathaniel Ru


As an undergraduate student at Georgetown University, Nathaniel had no idea that he would be one of the most recognizable American entrepreneurs. Together with Jammet and Neman, they have built Sweetgreen from scratch into a multimillion dollar company. The success that Sweetgreen has experienced is owed to the discipline, vision, and flexibility of the founders.


Ru has helped Sweetgreen grow into one of the most profitable startups. The salad chain has experienced explosive growth. The Washington-based firm sources its products from farms. Starting out with a single shop at Georgetown, it currently has 31 locations throughout the US. Plans are in the pipeline to open a further 9 outlets by the end of 2016. Ru and his co-founders have roped in several investors, who have pumped more than 95 million dollars into the startup. Such funds will enable Sweetgreen to continue providing healthy culinary options.


Looking for Tax Free Living? Don’t Choose New Zealand

Many people around the world who are looking for different homes in different countries want the chance to be able to live somewhere without having to worry about paying taxes. This is a vast difference from many other places in the world and is something that is the top of many expats’ lists but it is also something that they should be taking very seriously when they are looking for a home in a different country. Just because somewhere has a no-tax lifestyle, does not mean that they will be living the high life or will get to keep all of the money that they make.

New Zealand has recently come up in the news of no-tax areas and this is because of a few articles that were published about the country. The articles and blogs talked about how people do not have to pay taxes in the country and about how they simply do not have to worry about the taxes that they may have to pay because they are so low. This could not be further from the truth and is something that is actually hurting New Zealand, the people who live there and the people who are going to live there in the future.

The country does have taxes. It has a relatively high tax bracket and the percentages are on-par with what expats would pay in other countries. While they are not as high as some countries, they do impose on some of the income and the property that people have in their possession. New Zealand is not a tax-free place and should not be treated as a tax-free place because there are taxes there that people do have to pay on a regular basis whether on their income, their property or their things that they own.

Geoffrey Cone always suggests that people look at the list of no-tax countries before they make the decision to move to any foreign country. He wants to make sure that people know their options for living without taxes and that they can live places without ever having to pay a single cent in taxes. He also wants to make it clear that New Zealand is not the place to go for people who want to live tax-free or who want to have greatly reduced amounts of taxes that they pay on their income or property.

Cone is an expert at tax-free living. Not only does he live in a country without taxes but he also works as an attorney to help people who are moving to these places. As a global attorney, Geoffrey Cone is able to give information to people who are considering moving countries or who want to live somewhere else. He wants people to know that they do have options when it comes to where they live. He also wants people to be informed about the different aspects of living in a different country and in a place that is considered to be a country without taxes. Learn more:

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Bruce Levenson And His Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group Want AIG To Honor Their Insurance Policy

Anyone that knows Bruce Levenson realizes that he usually gets what he wants. After all, having more than $500 million in the bank does come with a plethora of benefits. But insurance companies are used to dealing with big money customers. AIG, for example, has policies with 98 percent of the companies on the Fortune 500. AIG’s net worth is in the billions, so taking on millionaires is something the executives at AIG are accustomed to doing. But UCG Founder Bruce Levenson is no ordinary millionaire. Levenson is a respected business executive and philanthropist that has friends in high places. And if Levenson has to fight for what is right, he will use all the assets he has to win.

In a report by ESPN, AIG is discovering that fact now that the company has been served with a lawsuit initiated by Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group is suing the insurance company for not honoring the insurance policy the group had in place in 2015. The limits of liability of the policy are sufficient to pay the claim, but AIG doesn’t agree because the group sold the team in June 2015.

Taking on a giant insurance company doesn’t scare Levenson. Bruce is an experienced negotiator, journalist, and philanthropist that works with people in high-level government and business positions. Levenson is one of the co-founders of the United Communication Group. Bruce started that news and data analysis company in 1977. Levenson is also a major donor to Jewish causes in this country and abroad. Bruce is considered one of the founders of the Holocaust Museum, and he is a major contributor to the museum. He sits on several boards, and he is active in finding a solution to Middle East conflicts.

Representatives from AIG didn’t comment, but there’s no doubt they are taking it seriously because Levenson is involved.


Wise Investments in Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals is something that everyone should consider, as this is not only a great addition in terms of diversifying a persons portfolio, but it is also a form of insurance. The reason why you can think of it as insurance is the fact that precious metals such as gold and silver are going to retain their value in the event that physical money loses its value. Currency has been known to devalue and even crash completely and when this happens, the paper money is not going to be worth anything. Buying precious metals is a great idea because it is used universally around the world and has a big scarcity factor. There is only a limited amount of gold, as well as a ton of other precious metals in the world. Because of this, you can take that gold and use it, or exchange it for currency just about anywhere on the planet. If one currency crashes, you would still have the ability to retain your money in other locations in the world, which is why it is such a great thing to have.

Check out the US Money Reserve if you want to get yourself some precious metals, as they carry everything from gold and silver to platinum and bullion. They have a ton of coins that can be purchased, bars of gold and plenty of other very safe items that can be considered great investments. If you are looking for an investment in something that you know is going to be there for the long haul, you should absolutely invest in one or more precious metals. There is a huge stress relief from knowing that no matter what happens to the economy and no matter where the dollar stands, you will still have value that can’t really be touched. Many people find a lot of peace of mind when they know they have a good chunk of their wealth in the form of gold and silver, or any other type of precious metal, so this is really something to think about investing in. If you are one of the many people that is just coming across investing in precious metals, it is a good idea to take the time and do your research on your options, or you can simply call the US Money Reserve and get their advice in terms of which metals to buy.

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Organo Gold: Whole And Healthy Coffee

In a world of overly processed items, it is rare to come across something that is organic and healthy. Fortunately, Bernardo Chua has opened up something that is very healthy for people with Organo Gold. Organo Gold is the company that sales a certain nutrient called ganoderma.

This herb is sold through coffee among some other products in the coffee seller. One thing that is for certain is that Organo Gold is one of the companies that are attracting customers and keeping them because of what it has to offer. People have found themselves dropping the other brands of coffee in order to experience the Organo Gold difference.

According toZoomInfo, Bernardo Chua has started his company when he has found that there is a way that people throughout the globe can become healthier. The one way that he has decided on is through the ancient herd grown in Asia.

He has always known the health effects of using this herb for certain illnesses and conditions. As a result, he has decided that he wanted others to experience the benefits that come with ganoderma. So Bernardo Chua has worked with a couple of other people in order to found Organo Gold.

 Bernardo Chua has initially started the selling of his products with the help of independent distributors. These distributors not only had the marketing skills, ut the passion to drive the sales. They also knew how to talk to people in order to persuade them into giving the brand a chance.

When the customers give the brand the chance, they are glad they did. The only thing they would regret is that they haven’t tried it sooner. Some find it to be so good that they want to spread the word around. Eventually, Organo Gold has become a very successful enterprise that is expanding everywhere.