Sweetgreen; A Leading Provider of Healthy Dishes in Washington

After graduating from college, Nathaniel Ru and his two friends Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman resorted to starting up Sweetgreen Company. To start up they company, they negotiated with some of their friends and relatives to financially support them in kick-starting the company.


Despite a humble beginning from one shop based in Georgetown, their business has expanded and currently boasts of 31 stores nationwide. By the end of this year, the executive officers are targeting to expand to 40 more regions.


To support their growth Ru and his colleagues have been organizing for venture funding to help them raise funds to expand their market. In three rounds of venture funding, they have raised more than $95 million. Their success emerged from their ability to develop an idea that involved offering simple and seasonal healthy dishes.


The founders were inspired by their parents who were all entrepreneurs. After considering all their options carefully, the trio opted to set up Sweetgreen Company that provided healthy and nutritious meals to their clients. What set them apart from other enterprises in the food industry is that they use natural ingredients acquired from local farmers to prepare healthy salads.


To date, Sweet Green works with close cooperation of various investors who support their business. Danny Meyer, a friend, was the only investor when they started, but to date, they are backed up by other investors like Steve Case, founder of AOL.


Sweetgreen’s founders attested that the main reason why they maintained their investors is because of their demonstration of hard work and passion supported by a realistic business plan. This gave their investor confident since the firm had a promising future.


Sweetgreen boasts of the most professional staffs who have contributed to their market growth. The staff use exceptional skills to ensure that their salads have the best flavor, appears attractive and has a high nutritive value compared to that of their business rivals.


Nathaniel Ru, one of Sweetgreen’s founders, is a business graduate from Georgetown University. Besides being the co- founder of Sweetgreen, he serves as an investment partner in four other enterprises which include LOLA, Bond Street, EatPoPs, and MeUndies.


Through the founder’s visionary leadership supported by a solid academic background, they have grown their company into a fast-growing enterprise in the food industry. Moreover, they had felt that there needed to be someone providing Georgetown city with healthier food choices than what was offered.



A Breakdown of the Medicare Advantage Health Plan

Healthcare is a basic human right. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to high quality healthcare services due to financial constraints. Though most people who have Medicare get their coverage from the Original Medicare on siemmmpresaludable.com, a growing number of individuals are opting to enroll for the Medicare Advantage Plan. Firms that provide this coverage are often contracted by the federal government. A fixed amount is paid per person.

Types of Medicare Advantage Plans

The major types of Medicare Advantage plans are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS). HMOs are private firms, which are contracted by the government to provide enrollees with health benefits that are covered by Medicare. There are HMOs that offer additional coverage including hearing and vision care. PPOs are plans that require individuals to make fixed copayments, more so if they use in-network providers. However, PPOs are not available in all states.

PFFs plans usually cover all health services that an enrollee would be eligible for under Original Medicare. This includes Part A inpatient services, and Part B outpatient services. PPFs can equally offer prescription drug coverage. Benefits that are not provided by Original Medicare like routine dental and vision care, can be provided by PFFs. There are other less prominent types of Medicare Plans such as Special Needs Plans, Medicare Medical Savings Accounts, and Provider Sponsored Organizations. InnovaCare is one of the largest providers of Medicare Advantage plans in the US.

About InnovaCare Health

The firm has distinguished itself as a leading provider of healthcare services throughout the United States. Under the leadership of its president and CEO Rick Shinto, and Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare has managed to maintain its firm grip on the industry. Besides providing Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare is involved in the provision of physician practice services according to Penelope Kokkinides. The formation of partnerships with like-minded enterprises enables the firm to provide its services seamlessly.

The firm’s main talking point is its ability to offer innovative solutions that meet the demands of its clients. The creation of comprehensive healthcare models that use advanced technologies has made it possible for InnovaCare Health to make inroads into Puerto Rico via its affiliates. The managed healthcare services that it provides are unmatchable and affordable, which explains why the New Jersey-based firm has consolidated its market base for years. InnovaCare Health has been steadfast in promoting ethical business practices. It incorporates the needs of its clients in its decisions. This is why its products and services are customer-oriented.

Stress-free Party Planning

Planning a reception or party doesn’t have to ruin your fun! There are several simple steps you can follow to make sure your event goes smoothly. The main key to throwing the perfect bash is staying organized! Make sure to track your supplies, guest contact information, RSVPs, and your guest dietary restrictions. A good way to please your guests and narrow down your planning is to choose a theme. A theme will simplify the range of decorations and food that you have to choose from, making an overwhelming task much more manageable. An open self-serve bar is always fun for everyone and if you combine it with a signature cocktail you’ll have drinks covered for the event.

Remember, keep things simple. Your guests will appreciate a relaxed and calm host much more than evenly spaced table settings. Invitations are easily sent by email, but a personal touch and handwritten mailed invites can lend a touch of class to your event. If children are invited and you need to keep them entertained consider hiring an event nanny for the evening, and be sure to include a separate kids table, and perhaps a separate menu as well.

If it all seems too much hiring an event planner can remove all your stress. If you don’t want to limit yourself to what you can achieve, call in the professionals!

Twenty Three Layers is the premier event planners in New York City so if you’re looking for an event planning company in NYC then look no further. Twenty three layers is a full-service event and design firm that specializes in throwing the perfect party. Twenty Three layers has relationships with exclusive establishments and vendors, and offers a worry-free and fun planning experience. Dedicated to perfection and making your visions a reality, the NYC based planners are ready to make your next event unforgettable.

Wear Lip Balm That Is Healthy And Inviting

The thing about cosmetics is that many which are known to be toxic yet have the most apparent effect. Some makeups clog pores and make your skin break out, but when you wear them they do what you want them to, how you want them to; so you keep damaging yourself even though you know better. That’s one reason parabens and petrolatum–known toxic substances–are still everywhere on the market today. But using that kind of stuff over the long haul can lead to rather dire physical and mental effects. Sometimes cosmetics are made with chemicals that can mess with your mental equilibrium. Other times they let toxic chemicals seep in your bloodstream which may later develop into something cancerous. All such negative side effects take so long to happen that most cosmetic companies can get away with allowing them. But does that mean you should put up with them?
Evolution of Smoothness, often abbreviated EOS, is an organization that produces cosmetics with healthy compounds. Their lip balms on Ulta include jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter. Said balms come in three main families. The first family has been designed for use anywhere, anytime. It’s called Active Protection. With a number of different delectable flavors, this lip balm will help users maintain their lips’ health without compromising it through parabens or petrolatum. The second family is Shimmer Smooth, which gives lips that almost-wet smooth look so tantalizing. Last but not least, Visibly Soft makes your lips look inviting and smooth, but yet professional.

Between these three different family lines, EOS lip balm also offers sticks and multipacks. As a final note, their lip balms come in little spherical applicators that are colored in fun shades and are equally fun to play with, recommending EOS lip balm as festive cosmetic accoutrements. Check out Ulta.com for EOS lip balm products.

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FreedomPop Has Low Prices That Draws Customers In

A FreedomPop review that’s written by real people will only give real information about their services. Many will admit that the biggest reason why they switched to FreedomPop is for the low prices, but that’s perfectly fine because many are looking for lower prices for the services that they have to pay for every month. Those that want to save money will want to find where they spend the most money each month to possibly lower the prices, and many tend to spend a lot of money on their cell phone service. When FreedomPop users are only spending $20 a month on their unlimited cell phone service, a user from another company may be spending $100 a month.

Those who join FreedomPop and use the $20 a month unlimited plan can easily be saving $80 a month, especially if they’ve made the switch from a higher-priced company. There is no loss of quality at all once a user switches to FreedomPop because it’s under the Sprint network, which means that high-quality calls and service is to be expected. Many have no problems with dropped phone calls, and since the service is unlimited, making phone calls, sending texts, and using data is no problem either.

A good thing to notate about FreedomPop is the different phones that can be used on the service. Many networks, especially networks that are based on CDMA technology, they make it difficult to bring over certain types of phones. GSM phones, which are phones that takes sim cards, these are much easier to switch over to different companies, especially since most companies use sim cards to provide phone service. Any unlocked phone that takes a sim card should be able to work on FreedomPop’s network, which means there’s no need to spend additional monies for another phone if it’s not necessary.

FreedomPop users love the fact that they can bring their new smartphone to FreedomPop and still get the same services but at a lower cost. Those that want the $20 unlimited cell phone plan will be able to get 1GB of 4G LTE data, but those who want additional 4G LTE data will have to pay five dollars per gigabyte. Everyone who is on the unlimited plan will still receive unlimited 3G data if their 4G data is done, so there’s never a need to fret or worry about having no data at all.

Reference Link: https://techcrunch.com/tag/freedompop/

Learn more: http://www.reviews.com/4g-mobile-broadband/freedompop/

Inmate Communication Industry Position Today

The inmate communications industry has been designed to serve correctional facilities by allowing inmates to communicate with their legal counsel, family, and friends while incarcerated. Prisons are offering telephone services, electronic messages and video messaging. Though the inmate communication industry has been evolving over the years in regards to improvement of service delivery, owing to digital transition, there have still been challenges that need to be addressed.

Correctional facilities outsource telephone services to private companies. Because of the monopoly in the market, these private firms charge high calling rates compared to typical phone rates by other citizens. Families to people incarcerated have felt the pinch by digging deeper into their pockets to communicate with their loved ones. In the U.S, the overseeing body, The Federal Communications Commission implemented caps on calling rates to regulate these firms and protect the end user. Interstate call rates charge not more than $0.21 and $0.25per minute for interstate prepaid and collect calling. This was on August 9th 2013.

Another challenge facing this industry is the tracking of inmates’ conversations and activities to curb further crimes. Inmates are usually given Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) that the staffs use to track conversations. There are cases where inmates share these PIN numbers leading to inaccurately tracking the real caller. The communications companies have to come up with effective systems to reduce such cases. The use of voice biometrics will go a long way to bring safety and efficiency in prisons. When a voice print is linked to a specific PIN, then there will no longer be sharing of these PIN. View the company profile on Linkedin.com.

Conversations between legal counsel and inmates are considered privileged and are constitutionally protected. Breach of such laws is illegal, and inmate communication providers must provide quality services to ensure privileged conversations are kept private.


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