Whiteshark Media Can Increase the Effectiveness Of Your Adwords Campaign

There are numerous ways to advertise a business today. Many of them are surprisingly cost effective. No longer does one have to rely on traditional print advertising mediums where the return on investment is notoriously low.

Such advertisements are forced by their nature to target the masses in hopes that the message will eventually make its way into the hands of the target consumer. With online advertising, however, the guesswork of determining to cost effectively get a message to a particular demographic group is largely taken out of the equation.

White Shark Media Review has become an industry leading digital marketing specialist. They understand the importance of targeting a message directly to its intended audience, and they can deliver results to this end. One of the more effective techniques they employ today is based upon the Adwords concept.

Developed by Google, this is a way of targeting advertisements directly to individual Internet users who are currently searching for a particular product or service. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

As opposed to paying for an advertisement to pop up to the masses whenever they are online, Adwords allows organizations to only pay for those messages that reach the very individuals that the product or service targets. This is a much more cost-effective method of advertising.

Many people have an Adwords campaign, but to varying degrees of effectiveness. To that end, White Shark Media offers a free evaluation to determine how to get the most out of a companies existing digital marketing campaign.

It is important to maximize marketing dollars today in order to attract new customers into the mix by encouraging unique visitors to navigate to an online site where they can be enticed by the products and services being offered.

As a part of their commitment to customer service, White Shark Media has also been working on addressing some complaints that they have received from valued customers. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

This has enabled them to further refine their own product offerings and ensure that they are offering only the best in terms of their own marketing campaign. This has evolved into a more individualized approach to each client, when a specific White Shark representative is assigned to each individual company and campaign.

This has effectively ensured that questions and comments are addressed quickly and efficiently. As the digital marketing world continues to evolve, White Shark Media has pledged to move and change right alongside it.

Digital Management Crisis Firm Hires New Executive On Board Of Advisors

Status Labs, a digital reputation and crisis management firm just recently added a new member to its board of advisors. Polly Morton brings years of experience in the financial industry and in digital reputation crisis resolution, part of her former position at Reputation.com. Status Labs founder and president Darius Fisher is excited about what Morton brings to the table in terms of knowledge and new ways to approach challenges in the field. Currently, Morton serves as Vice President for Gerson Lehrman Group, a venture capital firm, has served at Reputation.com, Hall Capital Partners, LLC and has an MBA from Columbia University.


Status Labs has been working in the digital reputation management industry for about 6 years, and was founded by Darius Fisher. Fisher is a young entrepreneur who has been familiar with the heat that can come in the online world when someone is involved in a situation that ends up becoming front page on press releases or news sites. Fisher founded his company because he knew sometimes unsubstantiated rumors about a person circulate the internet, or sometimes stories are published that don’t give all the facts. So Status Labs investigates to get the full story, and to make sure that search results pertaining to an individual or business reinforce the good instead of the bad.


Fisher has worked for a lot of prestigious clients who have been entangled in some tough personal situations, and most of the time he and his team are able to restore affected digital profiles. However, they do not attempt to cover up crimes or serious offenses. Status Labs also encourages people to be proactive in monitoring their digital reputations such as making sure they search themselves or their company name online to see what the results yield, and try to have any untrue information removed or corrected. They also encourage sound security practices to make sure social media accounts are not compromised, and to make sure no personally identifiable information is published anywhere online.

More information for Status Labs: